Apache 2 is now released for general availability

Monday Apr 8th 2002 by ServerWatch Staff

The Apache HTTPD Project now recommends version 2.0.35 of the HTTP server over 1.3 series.

For the past couple years, the Apache 2 series has been in active development and used at various websites. On Saturday, the Apache HTTPD Project announced that they recommend version 2.0.35 for use on production sites and should be used instead of 1.3.x versions.

According to the announcement, the Apache 2.0.x series has better performance over 1.3, I/O layering and filtering, improved HTTP proxy support, integrated WebDAv and SSL support, and provides multiple operational models: threaded, hybrid processes/threads, and specific request processing for Windows, Netware, BeOS, and OS/2.

The Apache HTTPD website is at http://httpd.apache.org/.

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