The October Netcraft Web Server Survey is Out: Apache Still Rules

Wednesday Nov 1st 2000 by Kevin Reichard

The number of Apache sites dips slightly, while Microsoft IIS gains some ground.

The October 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out;


- Top placed developers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Developer                                     October 2000   Percent    Change
Apache                                         13295499     59.67     -0.35
Microsoft                                       4493937     20.17      0.61
iPlanet                                         1541275      6.92     -0.23

- Top placed servers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Server                                        October 2000   Percent    Change
Apache                                         13295499     59.67     -0.35
Microsoft-IIS                                   4491609     20.16      0.61
Netscape-Enterprise                             1500988      6.74     -0.22
WebLogic                                         680332      3.05      0.37
Zeus                                             616200      2.77     -0.10
Rapidsite                                        339379      1.52     -0.05
thttpd                                           225175      1.01      0.11
AOLserver                                        151948      0.68     -0.27
WebSitePro                                       105112      0.47     -0.02
tigershark                                       102850      0.46      0.07


                                 Active Sites                                  
         Developer September 2000 Percent October 2000  Percent Change
         Apache           5334435   60.31      5567580    60.02 -0.29 
         Microsoft        2363044   26.72      2400814    25.88 -0.84 
         iPlanet           256092    2.90       236814     2.55 -0.35 

  Around the Net

   Microsoft had the largest increase in share of hosts on the web this
   month and is the only one of the top three to gain. However, some
   200,000 of these sites are template sites hosted at
   [1] The largest gain in active sites was at
   [2]Namezero which offers a free .com domain and free hosting.
   The [3]what's that site running? form has been extended to report the
   history of a site's hosting location, operating system and web server.
   Where available, a graph of the site's uptime is also presented.
   Hosting locations with at least five popular sites queried several
   times each week are reported in order of [4]average uptime and a
   league table of the fifty sites with the highest uptimes on the
   internet is also [5]maintained.
   So far, the site with the longest uptime that we have found is
   [6] which has not been rebooted in two and half years,
   and is still running an early version of Netscape-Commerce. The
   [7]Federal Reserve Bank of New York is perhaps the most reliable
   widely used site, and has been rebooted only once in the last year and
   a half, while the freely available content management system [8]Zope
   celebrates a birthday; it was last rebooted exactly a year ago today.
   More commonly though, money talks, and many of the most reliable sites
   are banks, with [9]Republic National Bank, [10]Canadian Imperial Bank
   of Commerce and [11]Union Bank of Switzerland amongst the world's most
   stable sites.
   Also notable is the huge number of the world's busiest sites that are
   hosted by [12]Exodus. Around 10 per cent of the 5000 most frequently
   queried sites are hosted in Exodus datacenters, far more than their
   nearest rival. In terms of average reliability, the most prominent are
   [13]BBN Planet and [14]Energis.
   One of the immediately striking things about the uptime information is

   how good the vendors are at running their own kit. The list of
   [15]hosting locations with the highest average uptimes currently finds
   [16]VA Linux in sixth place, [17]Sun Microsystems at ninth, and
   [18]Microsoft at twenty-fifth, all in front of many of the established
   colocation and managed hosting companies. Each of these sites runs
   only their own operating system. Arguably, running a consistent
   platform, irrespective of which one, helps stability, and leads to a
   more informed and confident operational environment.
   It is also apparent that vendors choose their reference sites
   extremely well. [19]Starbucks has the best uptime of any Windows 2000
   site that we have seen on the internet, while [20] has
   seen a pronounced improvement in stability over the last year.




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