Battling Big Blue

Friday Oct 6th 2000 by Amy Newman

North Carolina firm claims the eServer name.

The release of IBM's (IBM's) new e-business server, eServer, earlier this week has Technauts crying foul.

The Cary, North-Carolina-based server vendor has a two-year-old flagship product of the same name.

"If IBM moves ahead with its eServer line, it will create confusion for our customers and the market worldwide," says Larry Deaton, Technauts president and chief executive officer. "We've invested nearly three years in building the eServer brand name globally. It's a huge part of who we are and everything we do."

Technauts was founded in 1997 when several patents related to Internet protocols and scalability were approved. Founder Ravi Periasamy's vision at the time was to develop an open software architecture that could easily integrate with emerging technologies. The resulting technology has been marketed under the name eServer.

Technauts' current eServer product is software that features a dynamic, scalable, and portable platform to enable enterprises to quickly develop, deploy, and manage next-generation Internet-based services.

IBM's e-Server product, on the other hand, is designed for enterprises handling e-business. It claims mainframe-class reliability and scalability, support of open standards for the development of new applications, and capacity-on-demand for managing e-business.

Technauts said it is considering all alternatives to protect its brand name.

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