July 2001 Netcraft Web Server Survey: IIS Gains on Apache

by ServerWatch Staff

The Apache Web server goes down by more than 4 percentage points, while Microsoft IIS gains more than five percentage points.

         The July 2001 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out;


                                Top Developers                                 
             Developer June 2001 Percent July 2001 Percent Change              
             Apache     18466153   63.02  18382308   58.73  -4.29              
             Microsoft   5973654   20.39   8099757   25.88   5.49              
             iPlanet     1802041    6.15   1345566    4.30  -1.85              
             Zeus         810108    2.76    793587    2.54  -0.22              
                                 Active Sites                                  
             Developer June 2001 Percent July 2001 Percent Change              
             Apache      7346025   62.42   7314577   60.53  -1.89              
             Microsoft   3076623   26.14   3372341   27.91   1.77              
             iPlanet      273293    2.32    282517    2.34   0.02              
             Zeus         182735    1.55    184895    1.53  -0.02              
  Around the Net
   Microsoft gains around five and a half per cent of web hosts this
   month, and almost 2% of active sites. Primarily this is a result of
   two large US installations converting to Windows 2000 from Solaris.
   The large free hosting company [1]Namezero, hosted on the Exodus
   network, has migrated its front end systems to Windows 2000, as has
   part of the Network Solutions domain registration system. Network
   Solutions has moved physically from [2]Digex, to [3]Interland,

   [where Microsoft held a minority interest, prior to the sale to
   Micron] as part of the process.
   These large installations had previously been masking a general
   decline in Solaris share on the web, which is now down four percentage
   points over the last year. Additionally, the Network Solutions site
   was by far the largest Netscape-Enterprise installation in terms of
   numbers of hostnames, and one would expect that Netscape-Enterprise
   overall share will drop towards the 2-2.5% it has in the active sites
   analysis over the next few months.
    First .Net site spotted
   This months survey also found a site outside of microsoft.com offering
   Microsoft's .Net services. This is earlier than many people expected,
   however the site [4]www.empowered.com is a Microsoft Gold Certified
   Partner and Microsoft itself has several sites using .Net, including
    pre release of Windows .Net Server becoming quite widely deployed
   There are already between six and seven hundred sites running
   Microsoft-IIS/6.0 and Windows .Net Server, the operating system that
   will succeed Windows 2000 sometime next year. Windows .Net Server has
   had little media attention relative to .Net, and there has been no
   prior reporting of the availability of a pre release, but the sites
   running the Windows .Net pre-release are spread over several
    Mark Shuttleworth set to venture into space
   Conversely, something that has been very widely reported is that Mark
   Shuttleworth, founder of the Thawte Certificate Authority is set to be
   the second [6]space tourist. Mark sold Thawte to Verisign for 50M
   in November 1999, and is expected to provide Verisign stockholders
   with an opportunity to see their money literally go up in smoke later
   on this year.
    Internet commerce steadily growing, recession or not
   Despite the failure of many internet based companies over the last

   year, there has been steady growth in the numbers of sites performing
   encrypted transactions over the internet. Verisign recently
   [7]reported that 87% of SSL certificates expiring in the last quarter
   were renewed, while our own SSL Survey shows growth of around 50% over
   a year ago. The OECD recently produced a comparison of the growth in
   internet SSL servers with the most comparable Nasdaq industry indexes
   for a recent US Federal Reserve meeting, and this is shown below.


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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 31st 2001
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