The November Netcraft Web Server Survey is Out

by ServerWatch Staff

Apache slightly gains in market share; Microsoft IIS slightly decreases in market share.

The November 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out;


- Top placed developers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -
         Developer October 2000  Percent November 2000  Percent Change         
         Apache         13295499   59.67       14193854   59.69   0.02         
         Microsoft       4493937   20.17        4776220   20.09  -0.08         
         iPlanet         1541275    6.92        1643977    6.91  -0.01         
- Top placed servers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -
           Server        October 2000 Percent November 2000 Percent Change     
     Apache                  13295499   59.67      14193854   59.69   0.02     
     Microsoft-IIS            4491609   20.16       4774050   20.08  -0.08     
     Netscape-Enterprise      1500988    6.74       1605438    6.75   0.01     
     WebLogic                  680332    3.05        789953    3.32   0.27     
     Zeus                      616200    2.77        640386    2.69  -0.08     
     Rapidsite                 339379    1.52        347307    1.46  -0.06     
     thttpd                    225175    1.01        226867    0.95  -0.06     
     AOLserver                 151948    0.68        136326    0.57  -0.11     
     tigershark                102850    0.46        120213    0.51   0.05     
     WebSitePro                105112    0.47        106618    0.45  -0.02     
                                 Active Sites                                  

         Developer October 2000  Percent November 2000  Percent Change         
         Apache          5567580   60.02        5770634   59.95  -0.07         
         Microsoft       2400814   25.88        2483691   25.80  -0.08         
         iPlanet          236814    2.55         247976    2.58   0.03         
  Around the Net
    Microsoft-IIS/5.1 sighted, Commerce Server released
   There was a first sighting of Microsoft-IIS/5.1 which is the web
   server for the Microsoft Whistler [1]release this month. The most
   significant deployment has been as part of a load balanced set of
   sites at [2]intel.com. However, Intel still mainly runs
   Microsoft-IIS/4.0 and the Whistler servers meet only a small
   percentage of the requests to intel.com.
   Also this month, [3]Microsoft Commerce Server was [4]released.
   Commerce Server's predecessor, SiteServer was widely adopted and is
   one of the key reasons for NT's widespread use as an ecommerce
   platform. Currently Microsoft-IIS runs just under half the sites
   performing encrypted transactions on the internet and is continuing to
    DellHost launch in Europe, PSI at risk
   Currently, the dedicated server business is the most dynamic arena
   within the web services market, with market leaders such as [5]Verio,
   [6]Rackspace and [7]Interland typically increasing the number of
   machines they host by a factor of five over the last year. Arguably,
   the company that the market leaders fear most is Dell, which is an
   order of magnitude of bigger, and enjoys vertical integration
   economies through its position as a leading PC manufacturer. This
   month Dell launched in the [8]UK. Emphasising the geographical
   flexibility of the dedicated server market where customers rarely, if
   at all, visit their machines in person, dellhost.co.uk is located in

   Paris, while the machines are sold through a telesales center located
   in Ireland. Round trip times to dellhost.co.uk from networks in the UK
   are typically about 50% higher than response times from well known UK
   hosting locations, such as [9]Demon Internet though still very
   respectable at around 50ms.
   One company that may have overexpanded is [10]PSI. Although PSI is one
   of the largest ISPs in the world, its stock price has [11]fallen to a
   recent level of  from a high of 0, and it reportedly has debts of
   around [12].5billion. PSI [13]customers are being courted with
   competitive offers by much of the rest of the industry.
    Baltimore & register.com form partnership to sell SSL certificates
   [14]Baltimore, who bought Certificate Authority [15]Cybertrust in
   January, have announced a [16]partnership to sell certificates to
   [17]register.com's 3 million domain name customers, and thereby
   challenge the [18]Verisign / [19]Network Solutions domination of the
   SSL market. Historically, Cybertrust's share of the internet SSL
   certificate market has been inconsequential, but partnering with the
   most successful of the new domain name registrars will undoubtedly
   make a considerable difference. In the first four months of this year
   register.com reached around 17% of new domain registrations from a
   standing start on January 1st. However, over two thirds of
   register.com's domains are parked and not in active use by their
   owners, and there is unlikely to be demand for SSL certificates from
   these domain owners in the short term.


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This article was originally published on Friday Dec 1st 2000
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