Apache 2.0.39 Released

by Kevin Reichard

This version of Apache is principally a security and bug fix release, partially designed to address the issues raised regarding chunked transfer encoding.

From the Apache Project:

The Apache HTTP Server Project is proud to announce the third public release of Apache 2.0. Apache 2.0 has been running on the Apache.org website since December of 2000 and has proven to be very reliable.

This version of Apache is principally a security and bug fix release. A summary of the bug fixes is given at the end of this document. Of particular note is that 2.0.39 addresses and fixes the issues noted in CAN-2002-0392 (mitre.org) [CERT VU#944335] regarding a vulnerability in the handling of chunked transfer encoding. We would like to thank Mark Litchfield of ngssoftware.com for discovering and reporting the vulnerability.

Apache 2.0 offers numerous enhancements, improvements and performance boosts over the 1.3 codebase. The most visible and noteworthy addition is the ability to run Apache in a hybrid thread/process mode on any platform that supports both threads and processes. This has shown to improve the scalability of the Apache HTTP Server significantly in our testing. Apache 2.0 also includes support for filtered I/O. This allows modules to modify the output of other modules before it is sent to the client. We have also included support for IPv6 on any platform that supports IPv6.

This version of Apache is known to work on many versions of Unix, BeOS, OS/2, Windows, and Netware. Because of many of the advancements in Apache 2.0, the initial release of Apache is expected to perform equally well on all supported platforms.

There are new snapshots of the Apache httpd source available every 6 hours from http://cvs.apache.org/snapshots/ - please download and test if you feel brave. We don't guarantee anything except that it will take up disk space, but if you have the time and skills, please give it a spin on your platforms.

Apache has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April of 1996. The March 2002 WWW server site survey by Netcraft (see http://www.netcraft.com/survey/) found that more web servers were using Apache than any other software; Apache runs on more than 54% of the web servers on the Internet.

For more information and to download the release tarballs, please visit http://httpd.apache.org/

Changes since Apache 2.0.36

Changes with Apache 2.0.39

  • Fixed a build problem in htpasswd.c on Win32. [Guenter Knauf , Cliff Woolley]

Changes with Apache 2.0.38

  • Rewrite htpasswd to use APR. The removes the annoying warning about tmpnam being unsafe. [Ryan Bloom]
  • We must set the MIME-type for .shtml files to text/html if we want them to be parsed for SSI tags. Add the config for that to the default config file so that it is easier to enable .shtml parsing. [Dave Dyer ]
  • Fixed a problem with 'make install' on ReliantUnix. [Jean-frederic Clere ]
  • Make the default_handler catch all requests that aren't served by another handler. This also gets us to return a 404 if a directory is requested, there is no DirectoryIndex, and mod_autoindex isn't loaded. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Fixed the handling of nested if-statements in shtml files. PR 9866 [Brian Pane]
  • Allow 'make install DESTDIR=/path'. This allows packagers to install into a directory different from the one that was configured. This also mirrors the root= feature from 1.3. We cannot use prefix=, because both APR and APR-util resolve their installation paths at configuration time. This means that there is no variable prefix to replace. [Andreas Hasenack ]
AIX 4.3.2 and above: Define SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT. These levels of AIX don't have a thundering herd problem with accept(). [Jeff Trawick]
  • prefork MPM: Ignore mutex errors during graceful restart. For certain types of mutexes (particularly SysV semaphores), we should expect to occasionally fail to obtain or release the mutex during restart processing. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Fix install-bindist.sh so that it finds any perl instead of just early perl 5.x versions. This is consistent with a build/install from source, and it allows the perl scripts installed by a bindist to work on systems with perl 5.6. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Fix apxs so that the makefile created by "apxs -g" works on AIX and Tru64 (and probably some other platforms). [Jeff Trawick]
  • Allow CGI scripts to return their Content-Length. This also fixes a hang on HEAD requests seen on certain platforms (such as FreeBSD). [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Added log rotation based on file size to the RotateLog support utility. [Brad Nicholes]
  • Fix some casting in mod_rewrite which broke random maps. PR 9770 [Allan Edwards, Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]

    Changes with Apache 2.0.37

    • allow POST method over SSL when per-directory client cert authentication is used with 'SSLOptions +OptRenegotiate' enabled and a client cert was found in the ssl session cache.
    • 'SSLOptions +OptRengotiate' will use client cert in from the ssl session cache when there is no cert chain in the cache. prior to the fix this situation would result in a FORBIDDEN response and error message "Cannot find peer certificate chain" [Doug MacEachern]
    • ap_finalize_sub_req_protocol() shouldn't send an EOS bucket if one was already sent. PR 9644 [Jeff Trawick]
    • Fix the display of the default name for the mime types config file. PR 9729 [Matthew Brecknell ]
    • Fix the working directory *for WinNT/2K/XP services only* to change to the Apache directory (one level above the location of Apache.exe, in the case that Apache.exe resides in bin/.) Solves the case of ServerRoot /foo paths where /foo was not on the same drive as /winnt/system32. [William Rowe]
    • Make 2.0's "AcceptMutex" startup message now "completely" match how 1.3 does it. [Jim Jagielski]
    • Implement a fixed size memory cache using a priority queue [Ian Holsman]
    • Fix apxs to allow "apxs -q installbuilddir" and to allow querying certain other variables from config_vars.mk. PR 9316 [Jeff Trawick]
    • Added the "detached" attribute to the cgi_exec_info_t internals so that Win32 and Netware won't create a new window or console for each CGI invoked. PR 8387 [Brad Nicholes, William Rowe]
    • Consolidated the command line parameters and attributes that are manipulated by the optional function ap_cgi_build_command() in mod_cgi into a single structure. [Brad Nicholes]
    • Get rid of uninitialized value errors with "apxs -q" on certain variables. [Stas Bekman ]
    • Fix apxs to allow it to work when the build directory is somewhere besides server-root/build. PR 8453 [Jeff Trawick and a host of others]
    • Allow ap_discard_request_body to be called multiple times in the same request. Essentially, ap_http_filter keeps track of whether it has sent an EOS bucket up the stack, if so, it will only ever send an EOS bucket for this request. [Ryan Bloom, Justin Erenkrantz, Greg Stein]
  • Remove all special mod_ssl URIs. This also fixes the bug where redirecting (.*) will allow an SSL protected page to be viewed without SSL. [Ryan Bloom]
  • Fix the binary build install script so that the build logic created by "apxs -g" will work when the user has a binary build. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Allow instdso.sh to work with full paths to the shared module. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • NetWare: Enabled CGI functionality and added mod_cgi as a built in module for NetWare [Brad Nicholes]
  • Changed cgi and piped log behavior to accept 65536 characters on Win32 (matching Linux) before deadlocking between outputing client stdin, slurping the output from stdout and then the stderr stream. PR 8179 [William Rowe]
  • Fixed Win32 wintty.exe support to assure the window title is valid. Elimiates possible gpfault or garbage title without the -t option. [William Rowe]
  • Rewrite mod_cgi, mod_cgid, and mod_proxy input handling to use brigades and input filters. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Allow ap_http_filter (HTTP_IN) to return EOS when there is no request body. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • NetWare: Piping log entries through RotateLogs using the CustomLogs directive is finally supported now that we have the pipes and spawning functionality working. [Brad Nicholes]
  • Detect overflow when reading the hex bytes forming a chunk line. [Aaron Bannert]
  • Allow RewriteMap prg:'s to take command-line arguments. PR 8464. [James Tait ]
  • Correctly return 413 when an invalid chunk size is given on input. Also modify ap_discard_request_body to not do anything on sub-requests or when the connection will be dropped. [Justin Erenkrantz]
  • Fix the TIME_* SSL var lookups to be threadsafe. PR 9469. [Cliff Woolley]
  • Ensure that apr_brigade_write() flushes in all of the cases that it should to avoid conditions in some modules that could cause large amounts of data to be buffered. [Cliff Woolley]
  • Fix problem where mod_cache/mod_disk_cache was incorrectly stripping the content_type from cached responses. [Bill Stoddard]
  • apachectl passes through any httpd options. Note: apachectl should be used in preference to httpd since it ensures that any appropriate environment variables have been set up. [Jeff Trawick]
  • Fix the combination of mod_cgid, mod_setuexec, and mod_userdir. PR 7810 [Colm MacCarthaigh ]
  • Fix suexec execution of CGI scripts from mod_include. PR 7791, 8291 [Colm MacCarthaigh ]
  • Fix segfaults at startup on some platforms when mod_auth_digest, mod_suexec, or mod_ssl were used as DSO's due to the way they were tracking the current init phase since DSO's get completely unloaded and reloaded between phases. PR 9413. [Tsuyoshi Sasamoto , Brad Nicholes]
  • Fix mod_include's handling of regular expressions in "
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