Sun Announces Release of Java Web Services Developer Pack

by Kevin Reichard

Sun announces the release of its Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP). Find out what the pack includes, where to get it, and how it can help you in developing Java applications.

Sun has released its Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP). Java WSDP is an integrated toolset that, in conjunction with the Java platform, enables Java developers to build, test, and deploy:

  • XML applications
  • Web services
  • Web applications

The Java WSDP can be download from the Sun Web site at http://java.sun.com/webservices/downloads/webservicespack.html. The Java WSDP is a complete set of APIs and tools, developed through the Java Community Process, that enable developers to build highly scalable, portable, interoperable, and open Web services and distributed enterprise applications. Java WSDP builds on the existing J2EE 1.3 platform and allows developers to build and deploy Web services within their existing applications.

The Java WSDP provides Java standard implementations of existing key Web services standards including WSDL, SOAP, ebXML, and UDDI, as well as important Java standard implementations for Web application development such as JavaServer Pages (JSPTM pages) and the JSP Standard Tag Library. These Java standards enable developers to send and receive SOAP messages, browse and retrieve information in UDDI and ebXML registries, and quickly build and deploy Web applications based on the latest JSP standards.

The Java Web Services Developer Pack v1.0 includes the Java XML Pack and additional tools to help the developer build Web services.

Java XML Pack

The Java XML Pack includes all the APIs that developers will need to build, access, and deploy Web applications and Web services.

  • JAXP v1.2: Java API for XML Processing

  • Processes XML documents by using various parsers
    Adds support for XML Schema
  • JAXM v1.1: Java API for XML Messaging

  • Sends SOAP messages over the Internet in a standard way
    Can be extended to work with higher-level messaging protocols, such as the one defined in the ebXML Message Service Specification
  • JAXR v1.0_01: Java API for XML Registries

  • Provides a standard way to access business registries and share information over the Web
  • JAX-RPC v1.0: Java API for XML-based RPC

  • Sends SOAP method calls to remote parties over the Internet and receives the results
    With JAX-RPC, a client written in a language other than Java can access a Web service developed and deployed on the Java platform. Alternatively, a client written in Java can communicate with a service that was developed and deployed using some other platform.
    Supports WSDL
  • SAAJ v1.1: SOAP with Attachments API for Java

Additional Tools

In addition to the APIs, the Java WSDP includes these tools:

  • JSPTM Standard Tag Library (JSTL) v1.0
  • Java WSDP Registry Server v1.0_01
  • Web Application Deployment Tool
  • Ant Build Tool 1.4.1
  • Apache Tomcat 4.1.2 container

Additionally, all the XML APIs from the previously released Java XML Pack are now fully integrated into this expanded Java WSDP, so developers have one convenient download package of integrated Web services tools for the Java platform.

Although the Java WSDP provides developers with the entire toolset they need, it does not include an IDE. Sun made an additional announcement Wednesday on the availability of the latest releases of the Sun ONE Studio development tools for the Java platform. This product includes the Sun ONE Studio 4, Enterprise Edition for Java, the first IDE to support components of the Java Web Services Developer Pack (WSDP). The products are available for immediate purchase and download at www.sun.com/software/sundev/jde/. Formerly the Forte for Java product family, the Sun ONE Studio tools equip developers for end-to-end Web services development, spanning mobile to enterprise development, including support for multiple-application servers. The product is also featured as part of the Sun ONE Developer Platform, announced Wednesday.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jun 20th 2002
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