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Wednesday Jul 24th 2002 by ServerWatch Staff

This new software for manufacturers is designed to let Apache servers work with client PCs that are running Windows.

InterNetworX Systems announced its ShopWorX for Windows, a software package for small- to medium-sized manufacturers that is designed to marry low-cost Linux servers, such as those running Apache, with Windows PC clients. According to the company, its software allows small manufacturers to retain their existing Windows PCs and save thousands of dollars in licensing fees on their server software.The company says that much of the server software developed in the last two decades to run on Unix can be converted to Linux, but this software was developed for character-based terminals prior to the trend toward PCs in the late '90s, leaving it incompatible with Windows. Over 90% of business PC desktop clients run Microsoft Windows - an operating system with no Linux compatibility today, and none on the horizon. In addition, small manufacturers seldom have the IT staff budget of a large corporation needed for C or Java programming to develop a customized client, which rules out a Linux version of their server software if Windows compatibility is required.Combining Linux server programs with a compatible Windows client written in Visual Basic, InterNetworX says it has optimized ShopWorX for manufacturers with sales between $5 million and $100 million. ShopWorX is designed to provide all manufacturing and accounting applications, as well as Windows-compatible operation with networked printers and other PC software. The ShopWorX client also is designed to transfer server data to Microsoft Excel on the PC for analysis.InterNetworX serves customers directly in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, and through resellers in the rest of the U.S. More information is available on the InterNetworX Web site at www.InterNetworXsystems.com or by email to Sales@InterNetworXsystems.com.

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