Sun Boosts Server Performance With UltraSPARC III Processors

Wednesday Aug 7th 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

Sun launched high-performance Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 6800, 12K and 15K servers that integrate the 1.05 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu processor and come pre-loaded with Solaris.

Sun Microsystems launched faster, high-performance Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 6800, 12K and 15K servers that integrate the 1.05 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu processor. According to the company, the 1.05 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu-based Sun Fire servers not only drive more power to the datacenter and technical computing customers with a 15 percent increase in performance, they feature interchangeable components such as Sun's Uniboard technology, which simplifies operations, enabling mixed-speed CPU support.

The Uniboard technology should allow 900 MHz and 1.05 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu processors to run in the same fault-isolated Dynamic System Domain within the same server. Also, Sun's upgrade path is designed to provide customers with both Hot CPU and new mixed-speed CPU support, and help protect customers' investments while lowering their total cost of ownership.

Sun's Uniboard CPU/Memory board, which is common throughout the entire Sun Fire Midframe and high-end server family, is a differentiated offering that may help customers provision resources where they need. Hot CPU capabilities and support for mixed-speed CPUs may help customers upgrade to the 1.05 GHz USIII Cu processors without a reboot, which may increase availability, enable seamless re-allocation of compute power and eliminate planned downtime for these upgrades - a common occurrence in IT environments running data-intensive applications.

With high availability and hot-swappable components that are common to the entire Sun Fire Midframe and high-end family of servers, the Sun Fire 3800-15K servers should help maximize application service levels with mainframe-class availability with features such as full hardware redundancy, Dynamic System Domains, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Hot CPU upgrades and end-to-end data integrity.

Sun Fire servers come preloaded with the Solaris Operating Environment, which should enable application scalability across families and generations of Sun servers, as well as across multiple tiers. Sun Fire servers are designed to offer a strong platform for server consolidation, mainframe rehosting and as a general purpose application and data server for mission-critical applications.

"Enterprises continue to run mission-critical, high performance computing environments that need to be up and running 24x7. At the same time, IT managers running these data centers need to keep their costs down and make the most of their current investments," said Clark Masters, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Systems Products, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "As a technology leader, we deliver new features and functionalities today - like support for mixed-speed CPUs on a single system, on our proven Solaris Operating Environment, and SPARC and UNIX servers to help maximize system resources in ways that our customers not only save costs, but also increase their return on investment."

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