Backup and Restore for Solaris

by Wayne Kawamoto

Retrospect promises to perform backups quickly, deliver 100% accurate restores, juggle the details of backing up entire networks without requiring manual intervention, and recognize and back up notebooks when they connect to networks.

Dantz Development Corporation, a provider of backup and restore software, announced the availability of Retrospect 6.0. According to the company, until now, small and midsize businesses serious about data protection have been frustrated by the lack of a backup solution that is easy to implement and that can protect all of their data - on file servers, desktops, notebooks, and line-of-business application servers.

The company says that Retrospect 6.0 offers several abilities that customers have been demanding. Specifically, Retrospect performs backups quickly, delivers 100% accurate restores, has a self-adjusting backup scheduler that juggles the details of backing up entire networks including desktops without requiring manual intervention, is able to automatically recognize and back up notebooks when they connect to the network, and now, with version 6.0, backs up the greatest breadth of line-of-business application servers of any available product.

According to the company, new features found in Retrospect 6.0 include:

  • Unlimited number of clients -- backs up any number of networked Solaris, Windows, Linux, SunOS, or Macintosh computers.
  • Line-of-business applications - protects the largest number of business-critical applications such as database, email, accounting, CRM, ERP, or supply chain management applications including Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server.
  • Disk to Disk backup improved - backups can now span multiple destination disks in one or more file servers, or NAS devices.
  • Open File Backup - files that are opened and in use now get backed up.
  • Home network backup - for home users, Retrospect Professional now includes two licenses for networked clients

Retrospect 6.0 is available in three configurations:

1. Retrospect Single Server - Backs up a single server and unlimited networked desktops and notebooks at a list price of $699.

2. Retrospect Multi Server - Adds the ability to back up multiple networked servers at a list price of $1,099.

3. Retrospect Professional - For the home and home office user, runs on a single computer and can back up two additional networked desktop and notebook computers at a list price of $129. Additional networked desktop and notebook computers can be backed up with the purchase of client licenses.

For more information, please visit www.dantz.com or call +1 925.253.3000.

This article was originally published on Thursday Aug 8th 2002
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