Sun Announces 'Sun One' Software Stack

by Wayne Kawamoto

Sun's entry-level Linux-based server, the Sun LX50, will ship with the Sun ONE software, Solaris, Linux, and Java technology. By pre-integrating enterprise-class software into the Sun LX50, Sun says that it can offer customers one system, with both hardware and software, at one economical price.

Sun Microsystems announced its new entry level x86 systems that will include the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software stack and other software offerings. According to the company, Sun's first product in the entry level x86 system category, the Sun LX50, is the industry's first enterprise-class, low-cost system to ship with pre-integrated and optimized software and applications - including Sun ONE software, Solaris, Linux, and Java technology. By pre-integrating its enterprise-class software into the Sun LX50, Sun says that it is changing the economics for its customers by offering one system, with both hardware and software, at one price.

By integrating its middleware products with Java technology and XML on a single system, Sun says that customers will have all the tools they need to deploy their applications across any operating system with no downloads, installations, or hassles. Also, the LX50, in conjunction with the Sun One software architecture, may allow Solaris and Linux developers, as well as Java technology and XML developers, to lower their total cost of ownership in the development, deployment, and delivery of web services. Sun will deliver the Sun ONE software stack on its new line of x86 servers over the next two quarters.

The Sun LX50 is the first Sun server to offer customers either the Solaris or enterprise-ready Linux optimized for low-cost x86 servers. With Sun LX50, Solaris customers - who already have huge investments in systems administration expertise, development tools and applications - may be able to deploy their applications on a new, low-cost x86 system. Also, the Sun LX50 may appeal to Linux users who want to access open source software, download their own software, and have access to the Linux kernel.

The new Sun LX50 system is designed to provide software that addresses customer needs, which include functions such as Web serving, firewall/VPN, cache, file/print and streaming media. The Sun LX50 will come preconfigured to run either Solaris or Linux with: Java 2 Standard Edition; Sun ONE ASP for Linux; TomCat (JSP); MySQL (Database); Apache (Webserver); WU-FTPD (FTP); Sendmail (Email Server); Bind (DNS Server); Sun Grid Engine; the Sun Streaming Server and the Sun Streaming Server Admin Utility. The Sun Streaming Server is designed to be fully ISMA (Internet Media Streaming Alliance) compliant, based on open standards and is available for the Solaris and Sun Linux Operating Environments. This software solution should allow Sun customers to deploy video streaming of live events and on- demand videos - with up to 50 simultaneous streams - in a scalable, and cost effective fashion on the Sun LX50.

The following software products, included in the Sun ONE stack, should be running on the LX50 in the near future: 

    Sun ONE Portal Server 6
    Sun ONE Portal Server 6: Instant Collaboration Pack
    Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2
    Sun ONE Identity Server 6
    Sun ONE Application Server 7
    Sun ONE Calendar Server 6
    Sun ONE Messaging Server 6

"Entry level systems are the fastest growing segment of our systems product line and with the Sun LX50 we're turning up the heat while expanding our available market," said Scott McNealy, Chairman, President and CEO at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "This unprecedented integration of software, applications and technology creates a new class of Linux and Solaris OE systems developers and lowers total cost of ownership for enterprises."

"Enterprises across the world seeking to transition off Microsoft's expensive and proprietary infrastructure, or those seeking to consolidate on a single Solaris OE or Linux platform, now have a world class option," said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president, software at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "What Java technology brought to the enterprise application developer, these new systems have the capacity to bring to the developer of edge applications."

For more information, please visit the company's web site at http://sun.com.

This article was originally published on Monday Aug 12th 2002
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