New Enterprise-Class Product for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Tuesday Sep 3rd 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

On multi-processor machines, the Microsoft XML engine in Visual MainWin claims to be 5 to 7 times faster than Apache Xerces XML.

Crystal Systems Solutions announced that its subsidiary, Mainsoft Corporation, began shipping a new product that enables companies to develop enterprise-class C++ applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and deploy them to multiple Unix platforms. The product, Visual MainWin 5, promises multi-platform performance, security, and scalability while providing an XML foundation for building Web services.

Developed in cooperation with Microsoft through the Visual Studio .NET Integration Program (VSIP), Visual MainWin 5 is designed to extend the Visual Studio .NET development environment to deploy C++ applications on multiple flavors of Unix.

At the core of Visual MainWin 5 should be enhanced performance, scalability and reliability. To achieve this, Visual MainWin 5 was designed for linear scalability and process isolation, which may enable non-stop operation. Validated by around-the-clock testing at throughput rates of over 1,500 transactions-per-second, the company says that the new product achieved tremendous linear performance and scalability compared to its rivals. As an example, the company cites the results of its testing that shows on multi-processor machines, the core Microsoft XML engine in Visual MainWin 5 is 7 times faster than Apache Xerces XML.

According to the company, making key Microsoft .NET technologies cross-platform capable will entice more Independent Software Vendors and enterprises to migrate to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. And Visual MainWin 5 may have the potential to provide a foundation for successive Mainsoft releases that contain additional technologies including XML4, SOAP Toolkit V3.0, ATL Server and MFC7, thus enabling a smooth transition to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

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