SPEC Releases New Application Server Benchmark

by ServerWatch Staff

SPEC Wednesday released SPECjAppServer2001, a new benchmark for measuring the performance of J2EE application servers connected to a database server.

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) Wednesday released SPECjAppServer2001, a new benchmark for measuring the performance of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application servers connected to a database server.

"J2EE is the foundation software in many modern e-commerce implementations. This benchmark enables users to test and compare hardware and software platforms to achieve optimal performance for these implementations," Kaivalya M. Dixit, SPEC president said.

SPECjAppServer2001 is derived from ECperf 1.1 (JSR-131), and was developed under the Java Community Process (JCP). The JCP is an international organization of developers and licensees that determines how the Java platform evolves. Changes were made to the ECperf 1.1 code and metrics to comply with SPEC's run and reporting rules.

SPECjAppServer2001 focuses on testing the Enterprise JavaBeans container in a J2EE 1.2 server. The workload models a manufacturing, supply-chain management and order/inventory environment. Performance results for the benchmark are influenced primarily by hardware configuration, J2EE application software, and database software.SPECjAppServer2001 evaluates performance using two metrics: 1) BOPS (business operations per second), which is the number of customer order transactions plus the number of manufacturing work orders divided by the measurement period in seconds, and 2) $/BOPS, the price/performance of the system being tested (including hardware, software, and support). Since SPECjAppServer2001 results are based on a unique workload, they cannot be compared to any other benchmark results.

Development work on SPECjAppServer was performed by the SPEC/OSG Java Subcommittee, which also produced the SPECjvm98 and SPECjbb2000 benchmarks. SPEC members active in developing this benchmark include BEA, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Pramati, Sun Microsystems, and Sybase. Two SPEC associate members, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and Technical University of Darmstadt, also participated in the benchmark's development.

SPECjAppServer2001 is available immediately from SPEC for $2,000.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Sep 4th 2002
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