Lund Releases Meta-View Performance Manager

Wednesday Sep 18th 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

Lund Performance Solutions' Meta-View Performance Manager promises to let users manage environments more efficiently.

Lund Performance Solutions announced its Meta-View Performance Manager for the midrange server market. According to the company, Meta-View Performance Manager is a new, comprehensive multi-platform performance reporting system that provides data instantaneously over the Web and presents it in both graphical and tabular form.

Meta-View is the successor to Lund's SOS product. The company says that Meta-View retains the collectors and host-based capabilities of SOS and adds new elements: a Web server to make data instantaneously available over the Web, and two new Java-based clients. Furthermore, Lund's graphical reporting tool, Performance Gallery Gold, is now part of Meta-View and has been enhanced to provide real-time multi-host reporting.

Meta-View supports all of the same host platforms as SOS: Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and MPE.

The new Web View client is based on Java technology, and thus should run on any machine that can run Java applications. It is designed to be a flexible lightweight client that's appropriate for monitoring status and providing information for performance troubleshooting.

The "First Look" page presents multiple hosts on an alert chart and on an alert log chart. If either of these charts show danger conditions on a host one can "drill down" with a click to a second look page, which provides an overview of the host of interest. Similarly, one can drill down from this page to any of a number of third look pages, to get more detailed information about a particular resource on the host of interest.

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