UnitedLinux Appoints General Manager, Details Plans for Beta

by Amy Newman

UnitedLinux Wednesday announced the appointment of a worldwide general manager and plans for its soon-to-be generally available Beta.

UnitedLinux Wednesday announced the appointment of a worldwide general manager and plans for its soon-to-be generally available Beta.

Newly appointed General ManagerPaula Hunter discussed her focus for her first 100 days in a globally broadcast press conference. Hunter's highest priority will establishing an organizational structure and membership classes for new members of the consortium. She will also focus on developing a certification program for hardware and software vendors that want to support UnitedLinux, attracting new partners to increase consortium membership, and the 1.0 launch, which is slated for the fourth quarter of this year. She will also oversee the implementation of the UnitedLinux road map.

Hunter's appointment is effective immediately.

Hunter most recently served as Vice President of Marketing for Xevo Corporation, an infrastructure software vendor. She is a founding officer and recently Chairman of the ASP (Application Service Provider) Industry Consortium. Prior to that, Hunter held key executive positions at several startup companies, and within Compaq Computer's Emerging Markets and Programs Business Unit.

UnitedLinux board member and SuSE Linux representative Gregory Blepp noted that Hunter was chosen for her business experience, particularly with consortia, not her Linux expertise, as the company believes it already has ample Linux experts on board.

Other members of the UnitedLinux board of managers are Andy Nagle (from the SCO Group), Fumiko Doi (from TurboLinux), Gordon Ho (from Conectiva), and Markus Rex (who is the Development Manager for UnitedLinux).

Also discussed was the missing presence of co-founder Ransom Love. Blepp stated that Love is no longer involved with UnitedLinux in an official capacity.

At this time Blepp announced that the open availability of the beta version of UnitedLinux's product will begin September 23. The open beta source code will be available for download at no charge from UnitedLinux's site.

A developers edition of the final version of UnitedLinux will be available for free and will include binaries, source code and images. The commercial version will be sold.

The main components of the UnitedLinux distribution include: Kernel 2.4.19, glibc 2.2.5, gcc 3.1, XFree86 4.2, and KDE 3.0. The distribution will be compliant with the LSB, LiN18ux, and GB18030 standards. UnitedLinux will support 11 languages, including simplified and traditional Chinese and Hungarian.

UnitedLinux brings the SCO Group (formerly Caldera) together with Turbolinux, Conectiva, and SuSE in an attempt to streamline worldwide Linux development and certification by offering a uniform distribution of Linux targeted at business users.

Following the formation of UnitedLinux in May, the four companies rapidly engineered an Alpha release of its distribution, followed by a closed beta for its partners by the end of August.

The final release of UnitedLinux 1.0 is scheduled for the fourth quarter 2002. Specific release dates will be announced in October.

Blepp said version 2.0 is scheduled to be release by year-end 2003, which will put UnitedLinux on a 12-month release cycle.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Sep 18th 2002
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