Radware Security Module to Offer Protection From the Apache SSL Worm

by Wayne Kawamoto

Radware's latest solution is designed to combine multiple layers of defense against the new Apache/mod SSL Worm, and prevent and block the Apache/mod SSL Worm before it enters the network.

Radware, a provider of intelligent Application Switching (IAS), announced the immediate availability of protection against the Apache/mod SSL Worm.

Radware says its solution combines multiple layers of defense against the new Apache/mod SSL Worm. First, Radware's Application Security module is designed to prevent and block the Apache/mod SSL Worm in real time before it enters the network. The Application Security module may ensure application and resource security by preventing and blocking more than 450 malicious attacks. Current Application Security users may be able to activate protection by adding the new signature via Radware's user-friendly interface.

Radware's CertainT 100 SSL Accelerator may also solve SSL vulnerabilities by terminating SSL sessions and forwarding only legitimate, secure transactions. According to the company, the Apache/mod SSL Worm is one of the many types of attacks prevented by the CertainT 100 security mechanisms.

The Apache/mod SSL Worm allows hackers to penetrate a user's network and run malicious codes on the victim's server. Using this vulnerability, hackers may gain root access to the victim's servers and abuse sensitive resources. Further damage can be inflicted when the victim's system is used as an attack platform for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against other sites by building a network of infected hosts.

"Our ability to mitigate this new and dangerous code exemplifies the strength and flexibility of our architecture," said Amir Peles, CTO, Radware. "Both the CertainT 100 secure solution and Application Security module allow us to prevent and block SSL based attacks. Our high performance Application Switch enables Radware customers to immediately detect and prevent attacks on their networks and applications in Gigabit speeds -- a capability yet to be matched by our competitors, "

This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 24th 2002
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