Toshiba Preloads DoorS Application on Magnia Servers

Tuesday Oct 1st 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

New Mexico Software's DoorS Software promises to turn servers into plug & play 'digital file cabinets.'

New Mexico Software announced that its Linux-based DoorS digital filing cabinet software, formerly available only as the company's AssetWare enterprise software, is now available preloaded on Toshiba's Magnia SG and Z series servers.

Designed to appeal to small businesses and consumers looking to organize, store, find, and manage information at a reasonable cost, DoorS aims to include all of the software needed for a secure business-to-business Web site -- including the NMXS Freedom platform software.

The DoorS application includes the Apache Web server, a search engine, a database, a customization kit for companies to tailor the server to their needs, and the Linux operating system based on the distribution of Red Hat Linux. According to the company, DoorS uses custom configuration codes, tight component integration, and a graphical HTML interface to simplify setup of a fully functioning second site Internet or intranet Web site.

The company believes its turnkey network-in-a-box solution wraps DoorS software into a low-cost, easy-to-use package that dramatically simplifies digital asset management.

The all-in-one hardware and software solution is available through Toshiba's reseller channels and at www.shoptoshiba.com.

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