Port80 Software Launches New Windows Web Server Software Modules

by Wayne Kawamoto

Claiming it is 'addressing the gaps between IIS and the Apache Web server functionality,' Port80 Software announced the release of four software products designed to increase security, performance, and user experience.

Port80 Software this week released four software products designed to maximize security, performance, and user experience for Web site administrators, developers, owners and end users.

Claiming it is "addressing the gaps between IIS and the Apache Web server functionality," Port80 Software now offers four IIS modules for Windows-based Web servers: URLSpellCheck, CustomError, ServerMask, and CacheRight.

"Just as Apache Web Server modules are leveraged by the Linux and Unix communities, Port80 Software's IIS modules extend Web server functionality on the Windows platform," said Joseph Lima, COO of Port80 Software. "Our software products boost customer retention through better user experience, decrease system costs through enhanced performance, and strengthen server security, delivering an IIS feature set that equals or surpasses what is offered by Apache modules."

Port80 Software's new IIS module software products are designed to address the following issues:

  • URLSpellCheck fixes mistyped URLs and broken links on the fly as requests come into the Web server. It is $199.95 for a single server license at www.urlspellcheck.com.
  • CustomError provides a custom error page management system for developers that integrate error pages with a site's design and provide useful direction to Web site users. It is $29.95 for a single server license at www.customerror.com.
  • ServerMask aims to beef up security against low-level hacker exploits by changing, hiding or obscuring the server header data in an HTTP transaction. It is $24.95 for a single server license at www.servermask.com.
  • CacheRight offers intelligent cache management for developers by reducing bandwidth utilization, decreasing costs, and increasing the page load speed of a site. It is $149.95 for a single server license at www.cacheright.com.

A 30-day trial version of each of these applications is available.

All Port80 Software IIS modules run on Windows NT, 2000, and XP with IIS v4.0 and above. All are compatible with major third-party server-side scripting platforms. All products (with the exception of ServerMask) support multiple virtual servers.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 2nd 2002
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