Lantronix Ships ConsoleWorks

by Wayne Kawamoto

New console management software from Lantronix promises real-time access and control of the distributed network.

Lantronix announced the general availability of ConsoleWorks, the company's new console management software designed to give IT professionals a control panel from which they can view and manage every device in their entire organization.

According to the company, ConsoleWorks offers simplified and consolidated access to servers, network, and telecommunications equipment through a common Web browser to minimize management burdens.

For organizations managing widely disparate, complex operations that include remote or unmanned sites, co-location facilities, and data centers in secure or isolated areas, ConsoleWorks may help to free up administrative resources to focus on more productive tasks, while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managed equipment. The company says that with its ConsoleWorks, the time-consuming process of uncovering and accessing network problems is reduced to a matter of minutes, resulting in a lowered mean time-to-repair of those problems. This type of productivity may enhance equipment uptime and ensure business continuity.

ConsoleWorks is designed to capture and log console output from network-attached devices, scan the output to determine which events are important, set priorities on events for display, and notify appropriate personnel or perform automated actions, based on pre-determined rules. ConsoleWorks' control panel offers color-coded displays that notify IT professionals about events occurring on a device as well as details that may help resolve problems when they arise.

ConsoleWorks is designed to communicate with any equipment accessible through telnet, syslog, or a direct serial connection. The vendor claims, however, that since since the offering is part of Lantronix' ActiveLinx line of console management products, the software works optimally when used with Lantronix' full line of secure console servers.

The product comes in three enterprise versions that address the varying needs of different sizes of organizations: 32-, 64-, and 128-port. All three versions are initially available for Solaris and Windows platforms. They are compatible with enterprise management tools such as HP OpenView, Computer Associates' Unicenter and BMC's Patrol.

Lantronix's ConsoleWorks software is currently available in all three port configurations. Pricing for ConsoleWorks software ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

This article was originally published on Monday Oct 7th 2002
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