Stalker Targets Enterprises With CommuniGate Pro Groupware

by Amy Newman

With the goal of making CommuniGate Pro more attractive to enterprises, Stalker Software Monday unveiled a new calendaring plug-in: CommuniGate Pro Groupware.

Stalker Software Monday introduced its latest product: CommuniGate Pro Groupware.

CommuniGate Pro Groupware is plug-in that allows CommuniGate Pro mail servers to work with Outlook's calendaring features, thus eliminating the need to run Microsoft Exchange and at the same time allowing the end user to continue using a familiar client, Ali Liptrot, Stalker's director of Marketing told ServerWatch.

Enterprises that don't wish to migrate completely have the option of running CommuniGate Pro alongside Microsoft Exchange.

Liptrot believes this new offering will make CommuniGate Pro more attractive to enterprises, as it means they can have mail and calendering capabilities on a non-Exchange server without migrating the client side.

The groupware plug-in is less than 150 KB and installs on the Outlook user's desktop. From an end-user perspective, there is no difference between using the Outlook Calendar with an Exchange Server vs. a CommuniGate Pro server. Philip Slater, sales engineer for Stalker notes, however, that as Outlook's technology is proprietary, Stalker is claiming that only 95 percent of Outlook's every day calendaring features have been captured and converted for the plug-in.

From an administrator's perspective the plug-in transmits the Outlook calendar as if it were a CommuniGate Pro extension. Version 4 of CommuniGate Pro mail server was developed with the plug-in in mind, so no updates on the server end are necessary.

The groupware connector is a full-featured message store and transport MAPI provider capable of composing and parsing MIME messages. It maintains a constant connection to the CommuniGate Pro server, allowing it to complete MAPI to MIME conversions on the fly. Once converted, data is stored in the standard Internet format on the CommuniGate Pro server.

A second release of CommuniGate Pro Groupware is planned for later this year Slater said. With this release, the plug-in will be able to integrate with iCal, vCAL, and Web-based calendaring as it now does with Outlook.

CommuniGate Pro supports the SMTP, POP, and IMAP standards, and offers the functionality of shared folders, Webmail, LDAP Directory, personal Web pages, S/MIME, Mailing Lists, and spam and virus protection.

The server runs on more than 30 hardware and operating system combinations, including Unix, Linux, Windows, AS400, mainframes, and Mac OS X.

CommuniGate Pro Groupware is available for immediate download and is priced from $1,199 for 25 connections to $19,999 for 1,000 connections.

This article was originally published on Monday Oct 7th 2002
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