Sonic Software Brings Enterprise-Class SOAP Messaging to Apache Axis

by Wayne Kawamoto

Sonic Software has contributed standards-based enterprise-class SOAP messaging to bring reliable, asynchronous Web service capabilities to the largest open source Web application community.

Sonic Software announced that it has contributed standards-based enterprise-class SOAP messaging capabilities to Apache Axis, the next generation of Apache SOAP 2.0. With the acceptance of source code for inclusion in Apache Axis 1.0, Sonic says that it is delivering its asynchronous Web services expertise to the largest open-source Web application community.

Sonic's submission, which is designed to provide a more reliable messaging transport infrastructure for SOAP, may help accelerate Web service adoption and make SOAP communications more relevant for an even wider range of enterprise application challenges.

The company says that its contributions provide the first asynchronous capabilities to the core Apache Axis engine, a critical feature in the maturation of Web services for enterprise application integration. Sonic's contribution to Axis 1.0 should enable SOAP messages to travel over JMS-based transport as an alternative to HTTP for Web services communications, which is what it believes makes these communications reliable. According to the company, this asynchronous function is a move beyond the tightly coupled RPC-style interactions that typify early Web services implementations. Loosely coupled, service-oriented interactions may enable IT organizations to implement higher levels of availability, eliminating the problem of a single point of failure.

Apache Axis is the next generation of SOAP 2.0. The intention is to create a more modular, more flexible, and higher-performing SOAP implementation. Axis 1.0, which recently became available to the public, has gained widespread acceptance from the Apache SOAP community throughout its 18-month public alpha and beta releases.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 8th 2002
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