Ecora Offers Sneak Peek at Enterprise Patch Management Solution

by Wayne Kawamoto

PatchMeister Pro is designed to automate the discovery and deployment of Unix patches.

Ecora Software, an IT infrastructure auditing, disaster recovery, and vulnerability assessment solutions manufacturer, has moved up the release date for PatchMeister Pro to the fourth quarter of 2002.

PatchMeister Pro is a cross-platform patch management solution.

Ecora released a free version of PatchMeister in August that analyzes the Microsoft environment. The Pro version (which adds auto-update features and push technology) will also support Unix systems.

"Insufficient patching leads to 90 percent of IT security breaches," said Ecora founder and CEO Alex Bakman. "PatchMeister Pro puts up-to-the-minute patching detail in an intuitive interface and enables anyone, regardless of training, to monitor, deploy, and manage patches across an enterprise. It's as powerful, crucial, and simple as it gets."

PatchMeister Pro will support Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Outlook, SQL Server, and Microsoft IIS, as well as Unix systems, including Sun Solaris and HP-UX.

Key features include:

  • Auto-discovery: Automatically discovers and provides patch configuration information about servers and workstations, giving administrators access to these devices for immediate patch deployment
  • Push Capability (Patch Deployment): Automatically deploys patches on workstations and servers from a single administrative desktop and enables users to select any combination of machines and patches for deployment
  • Alerts: Allows users to set alert triggers such as "Host not responding," "New patch in database," and "Permission denied" for efficient, comprehensive patch management
  • Scheduling: Users can schedule automatic deployment of patches and hotfixes
  • Auto-update: Updates the database with patch information it accesses to include the most recent updates and hotfixes
  • Capability to Save Previous Runs: Enables users to save reports and track changes between current and future reports

PatchMeister Pro will be sold by subscription (in increments of one, two, or three years) on a per-node basis. Volume discounts will be available.

This article was originally published on Thursday Oct 10th 2002
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