XCache Releases XCompress 1400

Friday Oct 18th 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

The XCompress 1400 is designed to bring compression to Apache and any HTTP-based platform quickly and at low cost.

XCache Technologies, a provider of Internet acceleration and manageability solutions, announced the availability of the XCompress 1400. According to the company, XCompress 1400 is the only dedicated compression appliance available on the market today.

The XCompress 1400 is designed to bring compression to any HTTP-based platform quickly and at a low cost. The company says that its XCompress 1400 may be used by ISPs, Web hosts, corporate data centers, branch offices, e-commerce applications, CRM applications, human resources applications, Web e-mail applications, and applications dependent on Web services.

Decompression is handled by the browser, and nearly every browser has standard decompression functionality built in, so no client side plug-ins or equipment are required and deployment is transparent.

The XCompress 1400 expands on XCache Technologies' Smart Compression Technology, which was previously deployed in XCompress for IIS, the company's software product. Smart Compression Technology strives to ensure that only the right content is compressed for the right browser to maximize compression without fear of compromising application integrity.

"It's no mystery that compressing a file is pretty easy and lots of products claim to do it," said Wayne Berry, CEO of XCache Technologies. "The hard part is knowing when to apply compression - that's where our Smart Compression Technology comes in."

As a 1U high rack mountable hardware-based solution, the XCompress 1400 is platform independent, and is designed so Apache, WebSphere, Tomcat, WebLogic, IIS, and other Web server users can all use the product to equal benefit.

Pricing for the compression appliance is set at $4,000 per unit and evaluation machines are available.

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