Smith Micro Unveils WebDNA Intranet Edition

Monday Oct 21st 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

Smith Micro's latest solution, WebDNA Intranet Edition, promises fast deployment and support of document exchange, company news, photo albums, company directories, and employee benefits forms.

Smith Micro Software, a developer and marketer of software and e-business solutions has released WebDNA Intranet Edition.

According to the company, WebDNA Intranet Edition enables enterprises to easily and cost effectively deploy a rich, enterprise-level intranet Web site, creating a platform for efficient exchange of documents, information, and ideas across the organization.

WebDNA Intranet Edition is based on Smith Micro's Internet application generator, WebDNA. Using WebDNA's development and management tools, site administrators can deploy a host of features and applications that include company news, event calendars, employee contact directories, classified ads, benefits forms, photo albums, and career development sections. WebDNA Intranet Edition also supports privilege-based document exchange, which Smith Micro believes will encourage collaboration among departments or groups involved in complex projects or reports.

Compatible with all Solaris, Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac platforms (including OS X Version 10.2), WebDNA Intranet Edition is designed to offer a secure, SSL-based development platform that enables enterprises to create a sophisticated environment for employee interaction. The company says that human resource FAQs, handbooks, organizational charts, feedback/request forms, and other forms of critical information can be instantly updated. Its search functionality aims to make locating and gathering important data easy.

To encourage document exchange among departments and work teams, administrators using WebDNA Intranet Edition can create group-based privileges so members submit files for use by other participants in the group. A follow-on release of Intranet Edition that supports direct content management without IT administrative involvement is planned for later this year. Authorized employees in a specific workgroup will be able to "check out" a document or file, edit it as needed, then "check in" to re-post it on their particular area of the company intranet. During this process, department supervisors maintain control of their portions of the site, approving any and all files before re-posting.

As part of the WebDNA Intranet Edition unveiling, Smith Micro announced a free upgrade offer that allows enterprises to purchase the software for $3,499.95, then upgrade at no additional cost to the new Content Management version later this year. WebDNA Intranet Edition is available for immediate purchase direct from Smith Micro. The promotional pricing is available for a limited time.

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