Gordano Adds IM Capabilities to Messaging Suite

by ServerWatch Staff

Gordano announced the latest addition to its Gordano Messaging Suite this week when it unveiled the GMS Instant Messaging module.

Gordano announced the latest addition to its Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) this week when it unveiled the GMS Instant Messaging module.

Because GMS Instant Messaging is integrated with the other GMS components, users can send instant messages to entrants in their address books, maintain contact lists, hold multiple conversations, view if their contacts are available for an IM session, and block users from whom they don't want to receive instant messages.

GMS Instant Messaging is Java based and uses a standard Web browser. The vendor describes the product as "device agnostic."

"Our IM has e-mail-like characteristics -- such as recording a log of all IM conversations -- since it features a high degree of integration with our Web-based messaging products," said Gordano founder Brian Dorricott. "Also, Gordano software is designed with security in mind, so GMS Instant Messaging inherits many qualities common to the rest of our suite making it very secure from attack."

GMS Instant Messaging can be configured so employees are automatically signed on to instant messaging when they sign on to GMS. They can also launch the instant messaging interface from their log-on screen. Administrators can store instant message transactions in the message log, and users can set their own preferences - including the automatic receipt of an e-mail transcript of their conversations when an IM session ends.

Dorricott believes IM is poised to be integrated into a wide array of enterprise applications, noting, "Gordano products are already there. We've designed all our products to work together and created them to align with major business systems already in place. Gordano's compliance with standards and the availability of APIs mean that our e-mail and messaging can be integrated readily with applications, such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and project management."

The Java-based GMS Instant Messaging is one component of GMS, a multiprotocol, robust, secure messaging system. Other GMS modules offer SMS, shared calendars, anti-spam, anti-virus, and database-driven mass mailing functionality.

The software is available in a single, downloadable package for Windows and Unix, including Linux, AIX, and Solaris.

Enterprises that purchase GMS Instant Messaging in November receive a 25 percent introductory discount.

This article was originally published on Friday Nov 8th 2002
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