Seapine Announces the Availability of Surround SCM 1.1

by Wayne Kawamoto

Seapine's latest cross-platform software change management solution is designed to offer a number of enhancements that include file sharing, history reports, and a preview window.

Seapine Software, a provider of software development lifecycle management solutions, this past week announced the availability of Surround SCM 1.1, the company's change management solution.

Surround SCM 1.1 is a cross-platform software change management solution with client and server support on Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. The newest version offers a number of enhancements, including file sharing, history reports, and a preview window that provides greater control when promoting or rebasing files and repositories. A key new feature in Surround SCM 1.1 is the capability to share files between repositories. This feature is designed to maintain common code by eliminating the need to work with multiple copies of the same source file.

Other Surround SCM 1.1 enhancements include the capability to promote and rebase individual files, the capability to search for files based on the current checkout status, speed enhancements, third-party IDE support for Visual Studio .NET and Borland's Delphi and JBuilder, and a Macintosh GUI client compatible with Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2).

"Surround SCM 1.1's quick release, after our successful launch in September, reflects our commitment to delivering a complete change management solution that beats customers' expectations-both in capability and value," said Richard Riccetti, president of Seapine Software. "We are rapidly maturing Surround SCM based on customer feedback and adding more advanced features with each release. For example, the ability to preview your promotion and rebase actions and understand what files are going to be affected is going to be extremely popular with our users."

This article was originally published on Monday Nov 11th 2002
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