Sun, IFS Achieve 15,000 Concurrent Users on Solaris

Tuesday Nov 19th 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

Sun and IFS conducted tests that supported a peak sustained performance load for 15,000 concurrent users with sub-second response times. The systems were able to handle more than 390,900 business transactions per hour.

Sun Microsystems and IFS Monday announced the highest concurrent user record for IFS Applications running on a Sun Fire 15K server and Sun StorEdge array.

A variety of user environments were used to simulate up 15,000 users running manufacturing, logistics, service management, and financial processes. A Sun Fire 15K with an UltraSPARC III 900 MHz processor was powering the Solaris 9 Operating Environment. A Sun StorEdge T3 Array provided the high data throughput rates, which prevented I/O bottlenecks.

The tests supported a peak sustained performance load of 15,000 concurrent users with sub-second response time and the capability to handle more than 390,900 business transactions per hour. These results represented a 50 percent increase in the total number of users compared to competitive platforms.

Sun and IFS have joined forces to deliver industry-specific solutions to enable enterprises to protect their IT investments without limiting their options or growth opportunities. IFS Applications for Solaris aims to help organizations meet high-performance, high-scalability requirements, while taking advantage of the Internet to extend operations and strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.

Highlights of the IFS Applications on Sun performance test include sustained support for:

  • 15,000 concurrent users
  • 59,004 customer order lines per hour
  • 2,484 service orders per hour
  • 2,982 manufacturing orders per hour
  • 11,470 purchase order lines per hour
  • 5,310 invoices per hour
  • 73,456 inventory update transactions per hour
  • 109,800 miscellaneous queries per hour
  • 70 percent CPU utilization
  • 0.92 seconds average weighted user response time (industry standard: 2.0 seconds)

The internal performance tests conducted by Sun and IFS let enterprises see the performance characteristics of IFS Applications and the Sun Fire platform under real-world conditions. All business processes were executed to completion, from order entry through sourcing to paid invoice, with a background load of queries and updates that can be expected from 15,000 concurrent users.

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