EJB Releases Out-of-the-Box 1.0 for Java Developers

Wednesday Nov 20th 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

EJB's Out-of-the-Box offering features automated installation, configuration, deployment testing, and documentation generation to help developers get Apache Web Server and Tomcat up and running.

EJB Solutions, Tuesday released Out-of-the-Box 1.0, an integrated, documented, and tested distribution of more than 50 open source projects targeted at Java developers.

At the heart of the vendor's strategy is the belief that as companies tighten their belts in the current economy, more IT departments will look to open source solutions as a way to cut costs. Oftentimes, they find the tools to be useful once integrated, but that the general state of documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Installation time and difficulties frequently lead them back to proprietary commercial solutions.

EJB Solutions aims to reduce this barrier with its Out-of-the-Box offering. With automated installation, configuration, deployment testing, and documentation generation, the developer can be up and running with tools such as the Apache Web server, Tomcat, Struts, JBoss, Ant, MySQL, and CVS.

A community Edition Out-of-the-Box 1.0 for Linux is available. This free version provides detailed online installation, configuration, and workaround documentation for most of the open source projects.

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