OGIS Introduces Integration Platform for Web Services

Friday Nov 22nd 2002 by Wayne Kawamoto

OGIS's new XGrotto Platform is designed to help users find new Web services while helping developers integrate SOAP, WSDL, and XML-based Web services.

OGIS International, a provider of Java, UML, and Web Services solutions, Wednesday released XGrotto Web Services Integration Platform and Directory.

Using the XGrotto Integration Platform, users can find and invoke dynamic online Web services. The XGrotto platform enables enterprises to define their own business processes and integrate different Web Services, without any programming, so customers and other end users can find and conduct multiple, related transactions online.

With the XGrotto Web Services Integration Platform 1.0, developers and the not technically inclined can quickly, easily and economically find, integrate and implement Web services without any programming. Using XGrotto, developers can integrate various Web-based services so that end users can conduct multiple transactions by initiating just one event. Because XGrotto's integrated search engine understands different layers of Web services standards such as XML, SOAP, and WSDL, it enables users to quickly search for Web services regardless of the APIs or specific application development environment of these services.

The XGrotto Web Services Integration Platform 1.0 offers the following features:

  • Integrated Web services directory - The 100 percent Web-based platform easily finds, integrates, and invokes Web Services.
  • Standard-based service specific registry - XGrotto supports standard technologies including WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, and XML.
  • Automatic client generation - With the simple addition of the WSDL for any particular Web service, XGrotto analyzes and invokes an automatic client generation, enabling one to simply enter input data (such as an itinerary for a trip) to the Web service and view its result through a browser with requiring additional programming, software downloads or add-ons.
  • Broad platform support - With XGrotto, Web Services be implemented and rendered on various platforms including IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, and Sun ONE as well as open source tools like Apache Axis. The data structure of XGrotto can also be handled as a UDDI registry.
  • Free of charge, XGrotto is initially intended for use by the developer community and will be rolled out to other audiences over time.
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