Kerio Centers Latest Version of Mail Server Around Collaborative Apps

by Amy Newman

The latest version of Kerio MailServer features managed contacts and communication capabilities. It also lays claim to being the first non-Microsoft mail server to fully integrate with Active Directory.

Keeping with the latest trend among mail server vendors, Kerio Technologies has made collaborative apps the focus of Kerio MailServer v5.5.

The latest version of the mail server features managed contacts and communication capabilities. It is also staking claim to being the first non-Microsoft mail server to fully integrate with Active Directory.

New in Kerio MailServer 5.5 is a server-based address book to support client contact management and sharing via the WebMail interface. Using the LDAP protocol and an included synchronization agent, users can store and update contacts locally in Outlook Express. The synchronization agent also supports folder sharing in Kerio MailServer, enabling e-mail stored locally in Outlook Express folders to be instantly available to authorized users.

The vendor believes these new capabilities expand the possibilities for the mail server, as enterprises can now use it to manage and share client contacts, and run news or discussion mailing lists.

According to Kerio Technologies, directory services for larger networks can greatly simplify network client management. Having a mail server that can store and update accounts using the directory contributes to this benefit. Kerio MailServer 5.5 delivers this by offering Active Directory integration for storing and editing client accounts. The internal account database in Kerio MailServer can be run concurrently with Active Directory to provide additional support features like aliases, groups, and mailing lists.

In addition, version 5.5 supports several third-party anti-virus scanning solutions. A version of Kerio MailServer that integrates with McAfee Anti-Virus is also available with this release.

Although Kerio Technologies is first announcing MailServer 5.5 now, it has been available for a little over a month. Enterprises can purchase the server from Kerio Technologies or one of its its authorized resellers. The mail server is priced at $395 with anti-virus plug-ins (Grisoft AVG, Eset NOD32, F-Secure, CA eTrust InoculateIT or Sophos SAVI), and $679 for the version with integrated McAfee Anti-Virus.

This article was originally published on Friday Jan 3rd 2003
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