SyncML Server for SunONE Announced

by ServerWatch Staff

SyncML Server for SunONE Calendar and Directory Server will enable desktop users to synch PIM software, PDAs, and mobile phones with SunONE environments.

Weblicon has announced its SyncML Server for the SunONE Calendar and SunONE Directory Server, which enables synchronization of the SunONE environment with desktop PIM software, PDAs and wireless synchronization with mobile phones.

Using the Weblicon SyncML Server, SunONE users can synchronize their address book, calendar and tasks with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm and PocketPC PDAs. With support of SyncML, the Weblicon SyncML server enables wireless synchronization with SyncML-enabled mobile phones such as the SonyEricsson T68i, P800, Nokia 9210, 7650 and Siemens S55 mobile phones.

The Weblicon SyncML Server is a Java server-side application which can be installed on the SunONE Application Server or any J2EE-compliant Application Server. It is integrated with the SunONE Calendar and SunONE Directory Server using industry-standard WCAP and LDAP protocols. The Weblicon SyncML Server has been officially SyncML-certified by the OMA standardization organization. For synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, Palm and PocketPC PDAs, Weblicon provides SyncML client software which can be downloaded and installed on the user's device. The entire solution supports load-balancing.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Feb 18th 2003
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