Latin America Server Market Sees Mixed Results for 2Q03

Thursday Sep 4th 2003 by Amy Newman

Sales may have been up, but revenue was still down for the Latin America server market in 2Q03, according to Gartner's latest set of stats for the region.

Sales may have been up, but revenue was still down for the Latin America server market in 2Q03, according to Gartner's latest set of stats for the region. The IT research firm attributes the growth to strong sales in the IA32 server segment and the revenue decline to sluggish mainframes sales.

Gartner reported shipments grew 6.6 percent to 35,359 units in 2Q03, but server revenue declined 1.8 percent, to $312 million.

"Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Dell continued to grow their market share, weakening the position of the smaller vendors. These vendors experienced strong growth in the IA32 segment, affecting competitors in terms of price, service and reliability," said Lillian Alvarado, senior industry analyst covering servers for Gartner's Computing Platforms Latin America group.

The top-three vendors, HP, IBM, and Dell, accounted for 69 percent of all server shipments in Latin America in the 2Q03, up from 60.9 percent market share in 2Q02. In a year-over-year comparison, Dell saw the most growth, with a 54.7 percent increase in the number of units shipped.

Latin America Server Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 2Q03
ShipmentsMarket Share
ShipmentsMarket Share
IBM7,42221.0 6,58819.912.7
Dell 6,59018.64,26012.854.7
Sun Microsystems1,3563.87452.282.0
Alaska1,1933.4 1,3294.0-10.2
Total Market35,359100.0 33,182100.06.6
Source: Gartner Dataquest (August 2003)

Revenue-wise, IBM retained the top spot despite a 14.8 percent drop in revenue. It also captured 38.7 percent of the market, almost 15 percent less than it had in 2Q02. HP took second place, followed by Sun Microsystems, Dell, and Unisys. Of all the major players, Sun experienced the greatest growth in server revenue.

RISC server revenue increased 4.6 percent, as HP and Sun enjoyed strong gains, particularly in Mexico. RISC server shipments grew at a lower rate, 1.5 percent, which Gartner attributed to a slight shift in preference toward servers in the medium-to-high-end segment in 2Q03.

"IA64 servers showed a large increase of 203.8 percent in Latin America during the second quarter of 2003," Alvarado said. "Though they are not significant in the total units shipped, there is a growing interest in this new technology. HP was the main vendor in this segment, which also included the local Brazilian vendor, Itautec, through the development of clusters for scientific applications."

Latin America Server Vendor Revenue Estimates for 2Q03
(Dollars in Thousands)
Revenue Market Share
RevenueMarket Share
Sun Microsystems29,3609.421,0096.639.7
Total Market312,213100.0317,826100.0-1.8
Source: Gartner Dataquest (August 2003)

Information for the report was compiled by Gartner's Computing Platforms Latin America group. The group provides research on key aspects of the dynamic PC, server, and printer hardware markets in Latin America. The focus is on regional and country issues in the top-eight Latin American markets and the Rest of Latin America (ROLA) category, into which Central American and Caribbean countries are grouped.

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