GMS Gets a Feature Bump

by Amy Newman

The latest version of GMS features an SNMP Master Agent interface for remote monitoring and a new API.

After about two weeks of public beta, version 11.2 of Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) began shipping yesterday.

Gordano Messaging Suite bills itself as an easy-to-use Exchange alternative. It is compatible with Windows (NT, XP, 2000, and 2003), Linux (in particular, Red Hat, SUSE, Mandrake, and Debian), Solaris, and AIX.

Features added in this point release include an SNMP Master Agent interface that allows GMS services to be monitored from any SNMP client and supports standard SNMP MIB files for "Network Services" and "MTA" and further extended with a specific "GMS" MIB.

The point release also sports a new API to allow for better control over GMS message stores and for message stores to be populated on-the-fly from external applications. This will be particularly handy for enterprises that wish to archive or deliver data in formats other than those in which they were received (e.g., from VoIP to e-mail).

Starting with this release, GMS Web Mail will use AJAX-like functionality to load information in a client-side cache, giving an immediate display of messages after initial loading. AJAX itself is not used because the technology is not compatible with the Web client, Gordano CEO John Stanners told ServerWatch. The changes are completely transparent to the client, however, he added.

Stanners told ServerWatch that the release is designed to enable the product to fit better within enterprises' messaging infrastructures.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Feb 8th 2006
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