ChatBlazer 7.0 Hits Lights Up

by Michael Hall

The latest version of ChatBlazer provides a managed IM platform for providers and a Flash-based client for end users.

Pendulab Tuesday announced ChatBlazer 7.0, a managed instant messaging framework touting a platform-independent client.

The ChatBlazer platform features a server capable of handling basic instant messaging as well as chat conferencing features presented as rooms or channels.

The ChatBlazer client is Flash-based, allowing browsers with the Macromedia Flash plugin to access the service. According to Pendulab, "Flash is more stable than Java on Mac and Windows platforms," and is more widely supported than Java across more Web clients.

The company also stressed the benefits its client brings to hosted providers, allowing each organization individual branding and custom advertising opportunities.

In addition to offering access to ChatBlazer contacts, the client adds interoperability with the AIM, Yahoo!, MSN and ICQ networks. Individual activation of access to those networks is configurable by the organization deploying ChatBlazer.

The client also provides optional voice and video chat functionality. According to the company's announcement, ChatBlazer 7 will incorporate VoIP to accept and make voice calls from any computer in the near future.

On the server side, ChatBlazer 7.0 offers several enterprise features through an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) plugin. The EAI plugin offers message archiving for basic regulatory compliance with the option to store chat logs in a mySQL, Oracle, or MS SQL Server database. The plugin also provides LDAP integration, a server-side API for server scripting of room creation and administration, and a Server Oriented Architecture (SOA) to access the server through a SOAP  interface.

The server also provides load-balancing and clustering functionality for larger installations.

This article was originally published on Instant Messaging Planet.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 1st 2006
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