Linux Consortia, Take 3

by ServerWatch Staff

With the release of version 2.0, Asianux is ready for prime time.

This time in Asia.

This week, three East Asian companies announced a joint venture to create a new enterprise-level Linux distro called — are you ready? — Asianux.

If you're wondering why this sounds familiar, it's because Asianux was originally announced in 2004 by the same companies: China's Red Flag Software, Japan's Miracle Linux, and South Korea's Haansoft. The three vendors will distribute and market Asianux without making any modifications in each Linux distros in China, Japan, and Korea. New products, such as Red Flag 5 Family, Miracle Linux v4.0, and Haansoft Linux 2005, will be based on Asianux. Each will be bundled with localized features in its respective country.

In the two years since the consortium kicked off, Asianux managed to rev up to to Asianux version 2.0, which is now available as a free download.

The reason for the deja vu launch announcement? Asianux may have technically been in development since 2004, but the marketing and sales channels had not been formalized. Now, it seems, the relationships have been agreed on. So, with 2.0 product in hand, Asianux is ready to play in the enterprise leagues. Hopefully it won't suffer the same fate as UnitedLinux. Or UserLinux.

Also worthy of mention is that Oracle Corporation Japan currently holds a 50.5 percent stake in the Miracle Linux.

This article was originally published on Friday Apr 21st 2006
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