Gordano Goes a la Carte

by ServerWatch Staff

Gordano revved its flagship product, Gordano Messaging Suite, and made its anti-spam, anti-virus technology available to those looking to protect their current mail servers.

It's a great thing when users love your product. It's even better when non-users love a feature set of your product that can be broken into a stand-alone offering. Such has been the case for Gordano, which this week upgraded its flagship Gordano Messaging Suite to version 14 and spun off the suite's anti-spam and anti-virus functionality into a stand-alone offering.

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Key enhancements in GMS are whitelisting to bypass anti-spam checks, a new Quarantine report feature that allows for user-level quarantine on accounts has been added, and bolstered LDAP authentication capabilities so a system running GMS as a firewall or gateway to another internal mail server can check the legitimacy of the recipient on the internal server before accepting any incoming e-mail to that account.

Gordano's anti-spam, and anti-virus technology has earned many fans. Up until now, to take advantage of the technology, you had to buy GMS. Not an option for Exchange shops.

Enter Gordano Vanguard Server, which is designed to provide enterprise-class anti-virus and anti-spam protection to individual or multiple mail servers

Vanguard provides "boundary protection" akin to a proxy server, Gordano spokesperson John Stanners told ServerWatch. Stanners recommends "Vanguard be run on a separate box from the mail server due to processing constraints."

Vanguard features dual anti-virus scanning engines provide traditional signature-based virus protection. Advanced zero-hour technology checks every message routed through the traditional scanner against the most up-to-the-minute information available.

Anti-spam protection is provided by language-independent and image-aware Recurrent Pattern Detection algorithms supported by hooks into both IP Reputation services and Anomaly Detection facilities (which monitor traffic looking for unusual spikes in activity). Messages are put through 100 additional checks, including Bayesian filtering (including automated training of filters), phrase-based checks (automated and custom), sender policy framework record checks and message quality checks.

Vanguard also contains quarantine and whitelisting facilities with sender verification to prevent spoofing of whitelisted information.

Vanguard supports Gordano Messaging Suite, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino running on Windows, Linux (including SELinux support), Solaris and AIX.

Both Vanguard and GMS 14 are available for immediate purchase.

This article was originally published on Friday Apr 20th 2007
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