Ellison: 'Sun losing $100 million a month'

by David Needle

Last night's speech from Larry Ellison shed some light on his plans for Sun.

Larry Ellison was on fire Monday night. Steve Jobs is the unquestioned master of the pre-rehearsed, carefully choreographed event speech complete with new technology props, but for off-the-cuff, tell ‘em like I see ‘em, entertaining bluster, Oracle’s CEO gets my vote.

Ellison spoke before a packed hall at the Fairmont Hotel here Monday night "in conversation" with Silicon Valley veteran Ed Zander at a Churchill Club event. Zander, now an investor and advisor to various tech companies, has worn many high level hats over his career including president of Sun Microsystems and CEO of Motorola.

And since Oracle and Sun had a fairly chummy relationship during Zander’s tenure, I expected mostly softball Q&A banter.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 22nd 2009
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