IBM DB2, Novell Partner for Linux Software Appliances

by Sean Michael Kerner

Linux software appliance builders now can leverage IBM's DB2 database in SUSE Studio as part of a new deal announced today between IBM and Novell.

Novell is expanding its SUSE Studio Linux appliance technology today with the addition of new templates for IBM's DB2 database.

SUSE Studio is a Linux appliance building service that enables users to build software appliances powered by Novell's SUSE Linux products. There are two elements to the IBM Novell partnership for DB2 appliances: DB2 is now available as a software appliance in the SUSE Gallery of Linux appliances, and SUSE Studio users also now can more easily build appliances with DB2 with new integrated templates.

"IBM and Novell have been working together on software and hardware appliances for quite some time across a variety of IBM brands," Josh Dorfman, director of global alliance marketing at Novell, told InternetNews.com. "IBM's work with SUSE Linux Enterprise and KIWI on their Smart Analytics System created the opportunity with SUSE Studio to create this DB2 Express-C template for the community to use and create their own solutions. It was a natural extension of our existing relationship."

Dorfman noted Novell was not disclosing any financial terms related to the IBM DB2 deployment for SUSE Studio. That said, SUSE Studio users can benefit from the DB2 integration now without any initial cost.

"Templates and images available on SUSESTUDIO.COM are freely available and are intended for developers and enthusiasts to create and build their own appliances," Dorfman said. "If a developer wishes to provide support and services for those images they can work with Novell and the SUSE Appliance Program."

The SUSE Appliance Program includes Novell's on-premise version of SUSE Studio as well as additional tools for ISVs to manage deployments.

Prior to the official partnership on DB2, a SUSE Studio user could have used DB2 for a Linux appliance, though the process was not as streamlined.

"Previously a SUSE Studio user would have to upload his own version of IBM DB2 to SUSE Studio in order to access it," Dorfman said. "Today with the template available in SUSE Studio and an pre-configured appliance in SUSE Gallery, this simplifies the process for DB2 users."

Dorfman added that the DB2 Template provided on SUSE Studio is created and maintained by IBM (NYSE: IBM), so it provides an excellent launching pad for developers and enthusiasts to work with SUSE Linux Enterprise and DB2 Express-C.

IBM's DB2 isn't the first database Novell has made available to SUSE Studio users in a template. In March of 2010, Novell announced a similar partnership with database vendor Ingress.

"This IBM announcement expands the choice for SUSE Studio users and also delivers a pre-configured appliance to download and use immediately," Dorfman said.

Novell has been busy growing the partner ecosystem for its Linux appliance efforts over the past year. IBM has been using Novell's Linux since April 2010 for Lotus and Websphere appliances. Both Dell and SAP are also using Novell's technology for Linux appliances as well.

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Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Mar 1st 2011
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