Zenoss Delivers Datacenter Insight

by Sean Michael Kerner

Data center monitoring gets new analytics service for planning, provisioning and analysis.

Monitoring data center operations is one thing, providing insight into those operations is quite another.

Zenoss this week is out new technology that is set to deliver analytics that provides insight into data center operations. The new solution leverages the Zenoss Enterprise monitoring software suite to collect data from datacenter infrastructure.

"What we're providing now is a way to have unified analytics on top of all the data," Bill Karpovich, CEO of Zenoss told InternetNews.com. "We can understand how things relate, and we can slice and dice the data and look at historical trends as well as usage."

Karpovich noted that Datacenter Insight can also be leveraged to forecast usage based on historical trends. The core Zenoss Enterprise Platform is the engine that collects and monitors data sources from physical and virtual components, both on-premise and in the cloud. Those data sources then flow into Datacenter Insight.

The new Datacenter Insight solution goes beyond what Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions currently provide, according to Karpovich.

"We do event management and we do performance data, which SIEM doesn't typically provide," Karpovich said. "We can correlate performance with events and we have availability information, so we have a broader scope to what we do."

Karpovich added that Zenoss gets log information, but also notes the correlation of how different components are related to one another. Correlating events is also something that SIEM vendor LogRhythm is aiming to deliver. LogRhythm recently updated its solution with an Advanced Intelligence (AI) engine designed to help identify patterns in logs for security events.

Zenoss's monitoring software is also particularly well suited for monitoring VMware environments. Karpovich noted VMware itself uses Zenoss as the overall management software platform into which VMware's own vCenter monitoring data can flow.

"We are the overall unified aggregation point for real time operation and service management," Karpovich said. "Now we become the place for analytics and planning with Datacenter Insight."

Karpovich noted that VMware's vCenter is designed to manage hypervisors, while Zenoss takes a broader approach including network and storage components. As such, he stressed that Zenoss can be complementary to other solutions.

Datacenter Insight is a proprietary product and is not open source. Zenoss Enterprise is also closed source though it is based on the open source Zenoss community edition.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 16th 2011
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