This Week's Linux Top 5: Red Hat, Ubuntu, Attachmate and More

by Sean Michael Kerner

Red Hat rolls out new cloud services at the Red Hat Summit, Ubuntu's CTO calls it quits, Attachmate makes some post-acquisition moves and takes aim at the Mono Project, and more.

Linux Planet looks at the five biggest Linux events of the past week. Among them: Red Hat rolls out new cloud services, Ubuntu loses its CTO, and Attachmate takes ownership of Novell and has Mono in the cross hairs.

Changes on the Linux Planet observed last week include not just technology changes but personnel changes as well. We also saw the continuing saga of Novell's future begin to unfold as rival Linux vendor Red Hat detailed its own future in the cloud.

1. Attachmate Asserts Control at Novell

Attachmate officially owns Novell, so now what?

The first indications of what Attachmate has in store for Novell began to be revealed this past week. Attachmate had publicly stated since before it completed the acquisition of Novell that it would continue to support the SUSE Linux business. Now that Attachmate actually owns Novell, what that support will look like is crystallizing.

This past week, Attachmate began to restructure Novell's operations by laying off people in Utah as well as taking aim at the Mono Project. Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework, and it is included in multiple distros. Mono is also the technology that enables popular applications, such as the Banshee music player and the Tomboy note taking application.

Attachmate is moving the headquarters for the SUSE business unit to Germany. Along with that move comes an unknown number of layoffs for Mono developers in the United States.

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This article was originally published on Friday May 13th 2011
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