Bitnami Acquires Skippbox, Boosting Kubernetes and Container Capabilities

by Sean Michael Kerner

Bitnami expands further into the growing world of container application orchestration.

Bitnami announced today it is acquiring private-held Kubernetes startup Skippbox Ltd. Financial terms of the deal are not being publicly disclosed at this time.

Bitnami is popular with users and cloud providers alike for its array of packaged server applications that can easily be deployed on cloud and container-enabled infrastructure. With the acquisition of Skippbox, the goal is to further enable the move to containers.Bitnami and Skippbox

Skippbox's products include Cabin, which is a mobile application for managing Kubernetes applications. Additionally, Skippbox has a serverless framework for Kubernetes called "kubeless" as well as the kubewatch alerting system.

As part of the acquisition, three Skippbox employees will join Bitnami, including the company's founder, Sebastien Goasguen.

"Containers in general and Kubernetes in particular is a quickly evolving landscape," Erica Brescia, COO and Co-Founder of Bitanmi, told ServerWatch. "While the code is interesting, we are even more interested in the expertise Sebastien Goasguen and his team bring onboard to help us further develop our container and Kubernetes support in Bitnami products."

Skippbox's Future Under Bitnami Ownership

Under Bitnami's ownership the naming of the projects (Kubeless, Cabin and Kubewatch) will remain the same. That said, Brescia noted the plan is to replace the Skippbox brand with Bitnami moving forward.

"In general, demand for containers is strong, in particular among the largest enterprises, though most of them are nowhere near production yet," Brescia said. "Among them, Kubernetes is the leading solution."

The acquisition of Skippbox isn't Bitnami's only investment into the Kubernetes ecosystem. She noted her company has been investing significantly in the Helm project for Kubernetes and has two committers to the project. Helm is a tool for managing Kubernetes Charts, with Charts being packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources.

"We have also built quite a few charts for popular Bitnami development components, contributed to the monocular project, which is an open source search and discovery front-end for Helm Chart repositories," Brescia said. "And we recently released Kubeapps, a repository of helm charts built for the community."

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Mar 7th 2017
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