DataCore Releases Business Continuity for Windows Servers

by Stuart Johnston

For data center managers who want the benefits of SAN-based business continuity software without the risks of disruption, virtualization vendor DataCore claims to have a solution.

Storage virtualization vendor DataCore Software said Tuesday it is shipping a specialized business continuity package that aims to provide data protection for information stored in Windows server farms.

STAR High Availability (HA) is intended to take the risk and some of the associated costs out of deploying a business continuity solution while gaining some of the benefits of centralized services provided by a SAN, according to a company statement.

"DataCore's STAR HA solution is primarily aimed at the large installed base of Microsoft servers running lines of business applications as well as Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint, eager for better data protection and performance," the statement said.

The software automatically mirrors the servers' data drives to a central STAR server.

"If an application server in the farm goes down, another server can resume its operations by retrieving a current copy of its data drive from the central DataCore STAR server," DataCore said.

Additionally, the software distributes replication requests among the farm's servers so that it can replicate snapshots to a remote disaster recovery site if needed.

STAR HA also can redirect requests to the central server when a local server is not immediately available to service them.

Multiple virtual machines running under Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as physical servers running on Windows Server 2008 R2, can take advantage of the software's data protection capabilities.

Management of STAR HA is provided via a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) plug-in, which can run on the central server or on a separate PC, DataCore's statement said.

The software automatically examines the applications' host servers and locates their data drives, sets up caching, and establishes the mirror copies.

"The DataCore STAR HA solution helps customers improve business continuity across their Windows server farms without taking on a major irreversible overhaul of their systems," Augie Gonzalez, DataCore's director of product marketing, said in a statement. "Additionally, when using the DataCore STAR HA solution, they will experience a noticeable boost in overall performance and functionality," he added.

DataCore's STAR HA solution starts at $9,000.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 2nd 2011
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