Docker 17.06 CE Debuts with Multi-Stage Container Builds

by Sean Michael Kerner

The first release of Docker's community edition since the move to the Moby Project is now available.

At DockerCon 17 in April, Docker Inc made a series of large announcements, including a shift to a new model with the Moby Project to build the Docker Engine. Now in June, the first major release of Docker built with the Moby Project is available in the form of the Docker 17.06 Community Edition release.

The Moby Project is a refactoring of how Docker as a container platform is built, by breaking it down into aDocker series of community-focused efforts that includes LinuxKit and containerd among others.

Beyond the the new model for assembling Docker, the 17.06 Community Edition is the first release to include the multi-stage build capability, which was the subject of several talks at DockerCon. The promise of multi-stage builds was addressed by Docker founder Solomon Hykes during his DockerCon keynote.

Hykes noted that developers have said Docker images are often too large. That's the challenge multi-stage builds aims to solve, enabling the composition of smaller images.

In a blog post, Docker's engineering team explained multi-stage builds work by building intermediate images that produce an output. As such, a developer doesn't need to have a final container output that includes all the code required throughout the intermediate steps.

"So for instance, Java developers commonly use Apache Maven to compile their apps, but Maven isn't required to run their app," Docker stated. "Multi-stage builds can result in a substantial image size savings."

Docker Service Logs Make Their Debut Too

From a monitoring perspective, Docker Service Logs are now a stable feature in Docker 17.06 CE.

"The docker service logs command batch-retrieves logs present at the time of execution," Docker's feature guide states. "The docker service logs command can be used with either the name or ID of a service, or with the ID of a task."

Also of note is that Docker 17.06 CE is now built with the newer open-source Go 1.8.3 release, which provides a fix for a security vulnerability identified as CVE-2017-8932.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jun 29th 2017
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