Exclusive Research: Server Virtualization Usage Varies by Enterprise Size

by Sean Michael Kerner

Server virtualization is not exactly a one-size-fits-all endeavor at this time, according to new data from QuinStreet Enterprise Research.

Server virtualization is often considered to be the norm across data centers and enterprise deployments, but new research indicates that deployment patterns are not uniform across all sizes of organizations.

The state of server virtualization is one of the many questions answered in the 2014 Data Center Outlook: Data Center Transformation - Where is Your Enterprise? report from QuinStreet Enterprise (publisher of this site).

The study surveyed 321 qualified IT professionals and found that 88 Server Virtualization Report percent of enterprises are investing in their data centers for a variety of different goals. One area of investment identified by the study is server virtualization.

Overall, the study found that 43 percent of the study's respondents have already deployed server virtualization. Additionally, 15 percent noted that over the next 12 months, their organizations plan to deploy server virtualization.

Only 17 percent of the study's respondents reported that their organizations had no plans to deploy server virtualization, while 25 percent indicated their companies were considering it.

Digging deeper into the survey base, the QuinStreet Enterprise Research reveals that size matters when it comes to server virtualization deployments.

Larger enterprises with over 1,000 employees had higher levels of server virtualization, with 53 percent currently deploying the technology in their data centers. Mid-sized companies with 100 to 999 employees reported that 47 percent of their data center servers were virtualized.

When it comes to small businesses of less than one hundred employees, server virtualization deployment is somewhat lower. Only 38 percent of small businesses indicated they currently use server virtualization technologies.

Why Virtualize

As to why organizations of all sizes are deploying server virtualization, the QuinStreet Enterprise research found a number of reasons.

At the top of the list is improved security, which was cited by 79 percent of the study's respondents. Improved availability and uptime were also noted as key drivers for server virtualization by 78 percent of respondents.

Resource utilization, which is often thought off as a primary driver for server virtualization, was indicated by 73 percent of the study's participants.

The complete QuinStreet Enterprise Executive Brief is available here: 2014 Data Center Outlook: Data Center Transformation - Where is Your Enterprise?

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 2nd 2014
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