Fedora Linux Set to Flock Forward [VIDEO]

by Sean Michael Kerner

Fedora 19 is now out of the box as the Fedora Project Leader explains how the community Linux project will progress for Fedora 20 and beyond.

The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux project is out today with its second major release of the year.

The Fedora 19 release follows Fedora 18 by nearly 7 months and introduces new Fedora 17features for server administrators. The first Fedora 19 beta debuted at the end of May, giving early adopters a taste of what to expect.

The feature list for Fedora 19 is a long one and includes new Federated VoIP, high-availability features, improved firewall security and the latest PHP 5.5 stack.

With the Fedora 19 release now out, the focus turns to Fedora 20 and the future of the open source project's development. In an exclusive video interview with ServerWatch, Fedora Project Leader Robyn Bergeron detailed what's next and how Fedora will soon Flock forward.


One of the ways that Fedora is set to evolve is by way of a new organizing conference called Flock. Flock will replace the former FUDcon (Fedora Users and Developers) conference.

The Flock event will be different then the FUDcon model in that it will be geared toward contributors to Fedora. It's a model that will be similar to how the OpenStack Design Summits are run.

The Flock model could well have a positive impact on the Fedora 20 release cycle and beyond.

"We're hoping to come out of this with a good solid plan for the next six months to one year of work," Bergeron said.

Fedora 20

Red Hat is also still working on its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 release, though it's likely that Fedora 20 will be outside of its scope.

"I don't think it frees anything up for the perspective of 'woo hoo, let's go crazy,'" Bergeron said.

Bergeron noted that from a Fedora Project standpoint, improving some of the inner parts of the Fedora infrastructure and project could well be on the table.

"How can we make the sausage better rather than just improve the sausage ingredients?" Bergeron said.

Watch the full video interview with Robyn Bergeron below:

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 2nd 2013
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