HP Moonshot 64-bit ARM-based Servers Arriving in 2014

by Jeffrey Burt

HP will begin selling 32-bit and 64-bit ARM-powered versions of its low-power Project Moonshot servers early next year.

Hewlett-Packard will soon be adding 64-bit and 32-bit ARM server modules to its Project Moonshot line of low-power systems.

The company is reportedly running three types of ARM-powered servers in its labs now, including ones based on Applied Micro's 64-bit X-Gene chips as well as 32-bit ARM chips from HP Moonshot ServersTexas Instruments and Calxeda. HP is expected to begin selling the new ARM-based Moonshot servers in 2014.

The new ARM Moonshot systems will join HP's existing Moonshot servers that are powered by Intel's Atom systems-on-a-chip (SoCs), which the company launched earlier this year.

With the demand for energy efficiency fueling growth in microservers, ARM and its partners see significant opportunities to expand the reach of the ARM architecture into the data center, especially in hyperscale data center environments, where power efficiency is paramount due to the huge numbers of servers needed to process massive amounts of small transactions.

System makers also see the advantage of leveraging the architecture. Not only is HP pursuing ARM chips for its Moonshot systems, but Dell at the TechCon show is demonstrating its low-power "Copper" microserver, which also runs on Applied Micro's X-Gene chip.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Oct 31st 2013
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