HP Support is Always On

by Sean Michael Kerner

New set of support offerings could end the need for the on-site IT support staff.

IT infrastructure is always on, which is why HP is now launching a new Always On approach for IT support.

The new support services provide traditional, proactive and data center managed services to help keep IT up and running, minimizing potential downtime delays.

"Customers want us to anticipate problems and resolve them proactively and it has to be more than just a hardware support relationship," Antonio Neri, Senior Vice President and General Manager for HP Technology Services, told InternetNews.com . "They want support for their entire environment from the software and hardware perspectives."

The cornerstone of the new offering for enterprises is the HP Proactive Care solution. Neri explained that proactive care is all about fixing problems before things break. The data center care support offering is all about support for an entire data center environment that works across multiple vendor solutions.

Historically, most IT support services have long relied on a trouble ticket model. The HP Always On solution set doesn't move entirely away from trouble tickets, though it does have a different take on how they are issued and resolved.

"Some aspects will be trouble ticket based, but we will have more automation that we didn't have in the past," Neri said. "It's all about a preventative type of support, so even if you have a ticket it will be generated by the system and then transferred to us in a way that was never done before."

With the proactive solution automation is built in and HP can have a machine-to-machine interaction to manage the trouble ticket. With HP's portal capabilities, there is full visibility into the trouble tickets and diagnostics. The support dashboard is powered by HP's Insight technology that enables administrators the ability to see all their IT infrastructure in one place. The dashboard can connect with other management tools that might exist in an environment.

"You can administer everything from a service perspective in one place," Neri said.

With all the automation that HP promises as part of Always On, it could potentially be possible for an enterprise or data center to not have on site IT staff. Neri noted that it's a fully managed service for remote monitoring.

"We can do remote monitoring and patching from our site without having an actual person sitting on site," Neri said.

All told, with Always On, HP's view is that their solutions will be able to help resolve unplanned downtime 66 percent faster. When it comes to system updates with HP's new Gen8 servers, Neri noted that the combined HP solution could deliver system updates three times faster. "That translates into up to 93 percent less downtime as they are not disruptive updates," Neri said.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 14th 2012
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