IBM Offers New PowerLinux Servers and Business Apps

by ServerWatch Staff

Two new PowerLinux Servers help IBM address customers’ Linux application needs.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has introduced new IBM PowerLinux servers and supporting systems to provide its customers with decreased deployment time and costs to go along with greater performance, dependability and workload density than competitive x86 platforms.

"Our tests have shown excellent performance results for Zucchetti human resources and ERP industry application software running on the new PowerLinux Systems – an improvement of at least 40 percent compared to Linux machines based on Intel x86," said Alberto Cazzulani , HR Business Unit Technologies & Services Manager for Zucchetti Group.

According to IBM, the new solutions help customers exploit the cost efficiency of Linux and virtualization for business-critical workloads. IBM PowerLinux Solutions offer deep integration of new Linux-specific POWER7 processor-based hardware with industry-standard Linux software from Red Hat and SUSE for analyzing Big Data, IBM PowerLinux Servers managing industry-specific applications and delivering open source infrastructure services.

Two New Linux-Specific Servers

Built on new Linux-specific servers, the IBM PowerLinux Solutions are more affordable for businesses of all sizes with the introduction of two new Linux-specific servers:

IBM Flex System p24L Compute Node

Linux-specific two-socket server for the recently announced IBM PureFlex System which contains 12 or 16 POWER7 microprocessor cores, the option of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating systems and built-in PowerVM for PowerLinux. The new PowerLinux-specific server is supported in the PureFlex System Express, Standard and Enterprise configurations.

IBM PowerLinux 7R2 System

A two-socket, high-performance, energy-efficient rack server that supports 16 POWER7 microprocessor cores and a choice of industry standard Linux operating systems – Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Scalable and efficient with a built-in PowerVM for PowerLinux hypervisor, the PowerLinux 7R2 System can run multiple Linux workloads, offering a potentially lower solution stack cost for virtualized infrastructure.

Workload-Optimized PowerLinux Solutions for Big Data and Applications

IBM is offering the new integrated and workload-optimized PowerLinux Solutions in conjunction with its ISV and OEM partners, starting with three specific Linux-centric workloads that are designed to match each workload’s specific performance requirements.  The three new PowerLinux Solutions include:

IBM PowerLinux Big Data Analytics Solution

Smarter companies are thinking differently about how to deal with Big Data that is growing exponentially within their organizations. To meet this challenge, many are deploying Linux-based IT infrastructures designed to capably handle both structured and unstructured data, making it easier to capture, manage and analyze information to drive better-informed business decisions.

The deep integration and optimization of analytics workload performance on IBM PowerLinux Systems enables businesses to run thousands of tasks in parallel to deliver analytics services faster, such as analyzing historical credit card data to help improve real-time fraud detection or examining social media in real time to better understand brand sentiment among customers.

IBM PowerLinux Industry Application Solution

More companies are relying on Linux for business applications that are designed for their industry and tuned for specific business needs. IBM PowerLinux Systems provide a highly secure, resilient and fully integrated platform stack for industry applications, providing smoother implementation and enabling faster time-to-delivery for new, differentiating services with less downtime.

With offerings like the IBM PowerLinux Solution Edition for SAP Applications, midsize IT shops can deliver these services at a lower cost per workload with high quality compared to x86 commodity servers running Windows or Linux. Additional ISVs like Zucchetti Group are planning to provide pre-integrated, tested and validated solutions tailored for their local regions across a variety of industries.

IBM PowerLinux Open Source Infrastructure Services Solution

PowerLinux Systems offer cost-effective control over server and virtual image sprawl with the addition of the new PowerVM for PowerLinux virtualization technology. With fewer servers to manage, businesses can deliver services such as web, email and social business collaboration more cost effectively by using PowerLinux Systems as the foundation for flexible open source-based software delivery. Integrated, tuned and tested so everything works together, PowerLinux Systems offer highly secure and scalable virtualization of business infrastructure services.

This article was originally published on Monday Apr 30th 2012
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