Joyent Acquired by Samsung

by Sean Michael Kerner

Deal brings node.js, container and storage technologies to Samsung.

Joyent is being acquired by Samsung, though we don't know for how much, as the financial terms have not been explicitly disclosed at this time.

What that typically means is that the acquisition is not material to Samsung's earnings, but given the massive scale of Samsung (over $60B a year), that's not all that surprising.

JoyentFor its part, Joyent has raised approximately $126 million in venture funding across seven rounds of investment since 2004.

Joyent is known in the IT industry for several innovations, most notably as the leader of the node.js framework, which is widely used and deployed across the modern Internet. Joyent also has its own container technology called Triton as well as the Manta object storage service.

"Samsung evaluated a wide range of potential companies in the public and private cloud infrastructure space with a focus on leading-edge scalable technology and talent," Injong Rhee, CTO of the Mobile Communications business at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement.

"In Joyent," Rhee continued, "we saw an experienced management team with deep domain expertise and a robust cloud technology validated by some of the largest Fortune 500 customers."

Samsung intends on leveraging Joyent's technology as part of the Samsung Mobile Communications business. Samsung will make use of Joyent's container, storage, node.js and cloud expertise to grow its own cloud data and storage needs.

Joyent to Remain a Standalone Company under Samsung

The plan is for Joyent to remain a standalone company under Samsung's ownership, benefiting from the global resources that Samsung provides.

"This acquisition, though, is about more than just adding financial muscle and scale," Joyent CEO Scott Hammond said in a statement. "Joyent and Samsung share a culture of innovation and technical excellence, and bring together a set of highly complementary cloud, big data, mobile and IoT technologies."

Hammond noted that Samsung will now also be a large "anchor tenant" for Joyent's Triton containers-as-a-service (CaaS) and Manta storage technologies. He also emphasized that Joyent will continue to support its customers and develop its technologies further.

"Our Triton business is doubling every quarter, and our Manta solution is the foundation for many of our customers’ most strategic applications," Hammond said. " As an independent subsidiary of Samsung, we will continue to invest heavily in supporting our existing customers, and in continuing the fast-paced growth of our business."

Joyent has been actively engaged in recent years as part of multiple broad open-source efforts including the creation of the node.js Foundation. The creation of the node.js Foundation came after a dispute led to a code fork, which has since been re-integrated.

On the container front, Joyent participates in the Open Container Initiative (OCI) at the Linux Foundation, which is currently in the process of helping to define container standards for runtime and container application image formats.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jun 16th 2016
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