Kemp Adds Pre-Configured Templates to Load Balancer Firmware

by Thor Olavsrud

Seeking to reduce the time required to deploy load balancing for enterprise applications, Kemp Technologies has updated its LoadMaster firmware to support pre-configured application templates.

In an effort to make it simpler for small and medium businesses to leverage its portfolio of server load balancer appliances and application delivery controllers, Kemp Technologies Tuesday added firmware support for pre-configured application templates.

The new LoadMaster 6.0 firmware, which also makes support for IPv6 standard, is now available throughout Kemp's entire LoadMaster product family, including both physical and virtual appliances. Peter Melerud, vice president of product management at Kemp, explained that the new pre-configured application templates are intended to reduce the time and effort required to deploy applications. In some cases, they reduce the time to minutes rather than hours or days.

"We wanted to take a completely different approach," Melerud said. "There are some basic configurations that we know as a small business that you'll need, and we'll pre-configure them for you."

Melerud said users could leverage the templates to automatically optimize LoadMaster appliances for use with Microsoft Exchange 2010, SharePoint, Microsoft Lync and other applications, including applications delivered via HTTP. Kemp uses a wizard to guide the user in deploying the configuration.

"Application templates is a pretty big deal," Melerud said. "One of the key differentiators for our products compared with every other ABC out there is simplicity and ease of use."

Kemp plans to enable community support around its concept of pre-configured application templates so users can create templates around their preferred configurations for applications and share them with the community. Melerud said users will be able to download templates created by users and by Kemp free of charge.

Kemp is also taking the opportunity to position its appliances as a secondary level of security that leverage its content filtering capabilities and application-specific firewalls. LoadMaster 6.0 now features denial of service (DoS) mitigation features that defend against layer 7 DoS attacks on Web-based applications and servers. Melerud said LoadMaster can detect and stop DoS attacks at all layers to protect the entire Web application stack.

In addition, Kemp has added a new SSL certificate library that stores SSL certificates in a central repository in an effort to make it simpler to maintain and upgrade certificates.

"One of the difficulties in traditional ABC is to manage and administer your SSL certificates," Melerud said. "The general process of installing certs, migrating certs is a pretty complex task. In 6.0, we've added this idea of an SSL certificate library. You literally point to the library for that cert without having to configure it for every virtual service."

LoadMaster 6.0 has also added support for the creation of whitelists and blacklists for all Virtual Services, giving administrators the ability to filter traffic at a granular level, including IP addresses at the Internet, extranet or intranet levels.

"LoadMaster 6.0 is now one of the few application delivery appliances that offers standard load balancing features such as caching, compression, SSL acceleration and content switching, along with advanced application deployment and security features that have previously been accessibly only by large enterprises with robust IT budgets," Melerud said. "The LoadMaster 6.0 is designed to deliver the next generation of capabilities to any-sized business for more efficient and cost-effective optimized datacenter performance."

Thor Olavsrud is a contributor to InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 10th 2012
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